Sponsored posts, advertising, and the future

There are some cool perks to having a WordPress VIP blog, and one of them is the ability to advertise various stuff.

Basically, now you can advertise your business, blog, books, art, etc. on my blog.


Well, because this blog gets about 100,000 visits every month. Each new post gets 1,000 reads within the first 24 hours. And, with almost 30,000 followers, it’s one of the most popular blogs on art and culture on WordPress.com

All shameless promoting aside, I believe it’s also a good way to earn some extra $, which would help me keep on writing full-time. This month was probably my best month in terms of words written since 2010, mostly because I could afford to spend a lot more time writing, instead of worrying about bills and food and stuff like that.

Trust me, a hungry artist is a grumpy artist.

So, no, I’m not at all greedy. If I were, I wouldn’t be constantly giving away novels and stories, and a free magazine issue.

Anyway, there are two advertising options:

Sponsored post – for just $30, at the end of a post you’ll get a mention (short description of your blog or book or business) and a link towards that respective website. Just like TheBloggess does on her blog.

Text ad – for just $50 you’ll get your name (or your business/blog) listed in the sidebar, along with a short description (20 words or less) and a link to your website, for an entire month. So it’s like a paid blogroll, more or less, similar to the sponsor thingy I have now.

What you have to do is buy the ad spaces from here, and download a nice thank you photo. After you buy, I’ll contact you with details about your ad, ask you about what exactly is it that you want to advertise, and stuff like that.

So it’s pretty simple, as long as you use PayPal.

[shoplocket id=KGWxw w=330 h=500]

[shoplocket id=ZBtfA w=330 h=500]


23 thoughts on “Sponsored posts, advertising, and the future

  1. Hi, there, how does the sponsored post work? Is the advertiser able to provide a ‘guest post’ (in our case about a book we’ve epublished) with appropriate links to Amazon etc? Many thanks, BB.


    • Well, no, because I don’t accept sponsored posts. Just post sponsors. So the content is still mine, and I still write about what I write, and when I write, just that at the end of some posts, there will be a short notice about the person who sponsored the post.


  2. Ooops… I posted that response before I was finished. I am wondering if you will point readers towards the text ads so that your readers check out the sidebar. I often ignore the sidebars.
    BTW, congrats on having so many readers. Did you ever write a blog about how you got so many readers. I am fairly new to your blog so I may have missed it.
    Thanks for finding a way to support other authors! Win-Win!


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