Advertising options

If you haven’t noticed, I decided to offer people a couple of advertising options. Given the nature of this blog, it’s mostly aimed at indie artists, but anyone is welcome to advertise something they feel readers of this blog would benefit from.

I took this decision mostly because I’d very much like to keep having my blog powered by WordPress VIP, and take advantage of all the plugins and other options they’re going to implement in the future, most of which I have yet to explore.

Before I explain more of the advertising opportunities, I have this to say: this won’t interfere with my usual blogging, editorial policy, or whatever. Sponsored posts will be only 4 per month, and I’ll make sure they’re worth your time (that’s why I’m going to write them myself.)

That being said, there are four advertising options available:

Post Sponsor – $30 – basically this means that you offer to sponsor a certain post of mine. In return, you’ll get mentioned at the end of the post, with a short description of your website (or the website of your choosing). You can see such a post here.

Text Ad (10 spots, 8 still available) – $50/month – Your name (or your business/blog) will be listed in the sidebar, along with a short description (20 words or less) and a link to your website. You can see two such ads in my sidebar right now.

Sponsored Post* (4 spots/month) – 100$ – I will write a blog post about your blog, or review one of your books, or interview you about your art. That’s right, this post is restricted to art related blogs/websites. You choose how you want the blog post to be, and what you want to contain. Also, the post will be kept “sticky” at the top of my website for an entire week.

* Just a short disclaimer: all sponsored posts will be marked as such. Just so you know.

Graphic Ad – $250/month -A 300X250 graphic ad in the sidebar of my blog, linking to your website. I can design the ad for you, at no additional cost.

And in the interest of keeping this blog alive and updated as often as possible (to be read, buy food) I have decided to once again offer my services as a cover designer. You can check the services I provide here, which is also the only place you can order them.

There are two ways you can buy advertising on this blog:

1. Directly from my shop, here.

2. Via this Indiegogo campaign.

No matter how you buy ad space, the following thing will happen: you’ll receive an e-mail from me within 24 hours of purchase, asking you for info on what you want advertised and stuff like that. And we’ll work from there.

I’ve got until May the 2nd to renew my plan, for which I need $500. If you want to just help out, you can do so here, where you can donate and support this blog (to be read, VIP plan and food, most probably in this exact order.)


4 thoughts on “Advertising options

  1. Question: You’ve built up this blog quite well, and from what I remember – after having read some of your other posts – you built up your following primarily using Wattpad. Do you think by doing this, you’ll alienate a lot of your readership?

    I got a few offers by people wanting to advertise on my blog, by writing a guest post. Not going to do it, for reasons that go beyond simply not wanting alien people that seem to enjoy reading my rubbishy rants.

    Anyway, kudos for doing whatever you can to stay afloat. For the little it’s worth, I like your writing. Do what ya gotta do.


  2. Good luck. I really enjoy reading your blog and I think the design complements the content very well. So I hope you can extend your WordPress VIP service. Can’t be of help right now, I’m afraid, as I’m on a bit of a tight budget myself.


  3. hi,
    i admire your resourcefulness in keeping your dream alive! However, i was wondering is there a reason why you’re not simply moving to rather than having the wordpress vip status? i’m sure you wouldn’t lose your readership if moving from the blogging to the website system. seems a lot cheaper (even if that means adding monthly hosting costs) and you get to use ad services to contribute to your income. if you haven’t, yet, you should check out the options.

    keep up the great work!



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