irevuo Showcase 2013

showcaseLet me explain this irevuo Showcase thingy I plan on releasing this summer. Basically it’s a sort of catalog of indie visual artists. A showcase. It’s going to be made available in electronic format and a print format.

The idea is that you’re supposed to get some exposure from this, mostly because the electronic format will be made available for free. Of course, inclusion in this showcase is free.

What do you need do to in order to get your work showcased?

Well, it’s simple actually. All you have to do is send images of your favorite works (no more than 10), a short bio, an artist statement (something like why I paint), and links to website/blog, Twitter, Facebook fan page, and the likes. Just so people know where to find you. Oh, the address is contact at cristianmihai dot net. Or you can use the contact form on my blog or on irevuo’s website.

I plan on getting the electronic version of this Showcase downloaded like crazy this year.

After all, the idea behind irevuo was to promote independent artists, and I’ll be damned if I don’t do that.

Other stuff:

There’s going to be a new section called Photographer of the Week. You can submit photos and a short bio, and we’ll promote you.

If you’re a self-published author and you’d want me to review your book in the Friday Reads section, go ahead and contact me, and we’ll make things work out. If you want an interview, basically you have to do the same.

Anything else? Hmm… yes. In order to get things going with the new website (a proper domain name would be cool), and in order to make this showcase thingy really cool and advertise the hell out of it, we need your help. Actually we need money, but books don’t sell well in summer, so we need your help. You can learn more about what we need, and what we want to do, and how you can help out here.


5 thoughts on “irevuo Showcase 2013

  1. Cristian – Your showcase Idea sounds interesting – I’ll be following you.

    I’m looking for reviewers for my book; I only have 7 on so far but six have given me 5 stars. This is a first novel which one reader called a “South American Out of Africa”.
    A Place in the World is about a young biologist faced with calamities on a coffee farm in the cloud forests of Colombia. If this sounds like something you might like to read, I would love to “gift” it to you as an e-book. You can see the book and customer reviews to date at the URL below.

    Let me know if you would be willing to review it.
    Thanks, Cinda


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