29 Questions is ready for download

Even though a lot of people asked me questions, only 29 were about self-publishing (and I thought were relevant to a lot of people). Anyway, you can download a PDF with the 29 questions (and answers) here. It’s free, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

There’s probably one aspect I can be truly helpful. All that stuff that has to do with getting your book ready for publication on Createspace, KDP, and Smashwords. You know, interior formatting for e-books, book covers, and the overall process of making your product available for the public.

So I’m offering a 2 week course on exactly this. It’s going to be highly interactive, meaning that there are only 10 spots available. The course itself is going to be as specific as possible, covering topics such as:

  • Interior formatting for e-books (KDP and Smashwords)
  • Interior formatting for paperbacks (Createspace)
  • Book covers (free resources for book covers, inspiration for books covers, using stock photography for book covers, and genre specific book covers, etc.)
  • The process of submitting your files to Createspace, KDP, and Smashwords. Tags, Categories, Blurbs, and all that jazz.

This is going to be fun, I say. There are only ten spots available because I want everyone to really get to understand how things work, and how they can really make the most out of the information I’m offering.

And the price is ridiculously low: $9.99. It’s not joke. I’m serious. I’m asking this out of principle. Offering this much info and resources (which took an awful lot of time and work and sleepless nights to acquire) for free when others are charging hundreds of dollars wouldn’t be fair. Well, charging $9.99 isn’t fair either, but, well, I live in Romania and life’s not that expensive around here anyway.

You can buy the online course here. You need to use a valid e-mail address, which I can then use to send you the courses. Being that there are four main topics, you’ll receive 2 e-mails a week during these 2 weeks.

The course will start on the 20th of June, so you’d better hurry.


12 thoughts on “29 Questions is ready for download

  1. Thanks cristian, looking forward to having a good read of this in preparation for my launch (but have to write book first!) Thanks for sharing.


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