Strangers: You, Us, Now

Intensify It


It was summer when, night after night, we fell asleep with fast hearts and hurried dreams of sunlight, heavy air and summer rain. You kneading my spine and pulsing through my veins, me promising myself that happiness never hurt anyone and, if worst came to worst, misery is always refundable. Seconds diffused into days and memories in the making as I was holding your hand, growing luckier day by day. One morning, you said that you had never seen a spark before, that most people don’t sparkle. I felt beautiful and a little broken and believing all at once, trying to laugh myself out of my fears, knowing I was light years away from being the brightest star in the Universe but your eyes were so used to darkness that even a shred of light could blind you. Like dust particles exposed for twenty seconds by summer sunshine before moving back into…

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