If I had one wish

I’d ask that all the great people I’ve met in the past couple of years live in the same city. I’d want to have them all one or two blocks away.

All the artists that I’ve come to admire and wordship and envy, I’d like for all of us to meet and exchange ideas and talk about art and life and love.

We would inspire one another, and the world would stop feeling so empty. Or filled with ridiculously shallow characters.

Sadly, most of them live so far away that I can only dream of visiting…


45 thoughts on “If I had one wish

  1. Echo. Echo. I echo. I love living under a mushroom…but, this, this sunshine of glorious words, glorious writing, the sharing of hearts. Amazing. amazing…

  2. I know what you mean, that’s how I feel about my friends most days of my life. But then I try and find comfort in thinking that if we all lived in the same place the variety of our experiences would be smaller and we would all move closer to the middle. Maybe there is beauty in how differently life has shaped us, how the places we lived and people we’ve met and languages we have learned have formed and made us and continue to do so. I mean that’s why you admire these people right, because of who they are, but they only are who they are because of what they’ve seen. Yeah that’s how I make things work for myself haha.


    • Christina, the second sentence doesn´t make too much sense in my little brain. It´s not like we´re in highschool with friends just living it up, we are adults and by now I figured we all had our own separate life´s and different experiences, so why not dream of having a circle of people around you that have gotten to the same conclusion that you have over the years that writing is the way to go and lean on each other…that would be a pretty cool dream if it would come true. Little gypsy stuff, all living nearby talking about the most important thing in the world, literature. Pretty nice and original dream Mr. Mihai.
      Stay Frosty.

      • Hi, I didn’t mean to say that it’s not a wonderful dream, of course it is. “hat I meant to say was that since it’s not going to happen I’m trying to talk things into a shape that they comfort me rather than upset me, which is what I did here. Besides, I believe that life forms us every day and we’re making new experiences that change us every day, I refuse to believe that that ever ends. I know that when I come back from Wales ,I have a lot to tell my friends and they have a lot to tell me and because of it, we have different views and we make each other richer, and this has been going on for years.
        Of course I know that it would be nicer to have them around me every day but because I know that won’t be happening as much as I know Cristian’s dream won’t be happening for him, I tried to say something comforting and something that makes reality look less sad than it sometimes is. :)

        • It´s good to dream womam! If you have a dream pursue it. Do I think I´ll get published one day….chances are very slim, but I still dream about it which keeps me waking up every morning early to write and then the blog and learn about other peoples writings and opinions which I can get an idea here and there for my writing. Gotta be realistic that´s why I know I can´t burn through all my savings and get a job soon(hard too with 27%unemployment in Spain)but keep on dreaming sister, it´s a drive force a force multiplier.

      • Charly, I share in your’s and Cristian’s dream. How many friends did we have in high school that we naively thought would always be there and our friends? The digital world, while it separates those who do live close to one another, it brings those far away, the one’s we dream of being physically close too; into each other’s virtual space to learn, share and appreciate each other’s life and experiences through photos and writing,

        • I found out at age thirty a thing called twitter. Better late than never, and also this social media of digital media forum quite late in my life and I agree with you it can only add to your experience in life, I already have a core group of friends which by the way think writing is for pussies and is not a job. Unless I don´t grab again a bucket and paintbrush and start painting a whole house is not work. Same for family. That´s why I live by my little moto “Do what you love to and fuck everything else” This wordpress thing is great for someone like me specially because although I keep what I think my best short fiction stories out of the blog to send them to magazines(no luck yet, but´s been only 6 months since I´ve taken writing up again after a 10 year hiatus)I find it following all types of different people and different opinions and writings a source of constant learning. I´n my case since I don´t have a group of people that are “gypsy writers” I find it in the internet, people with same and different interests that I can always learn from and apply that to my writing. This is enough of me writing, Stay Frosty.

  3. Thats a great wish… But you know what… when things easily available, just around the corner, sooner or later it looses its value. Things are are scares in life are the most precious… :-)

  4. I feel this way about a lot of people here on WordPress. Sucks that the people who support me most are all so spread out across the globe and I am here alone. Sigh.

  5. You are not the only one who thinks like that; perhaps one day we can get hundreds of us together somewhere and try to guess which person goes with which blog. At the same time, we can solve all of the world’s problems, and there would be peace.

  6. This post reminded me of the era when artists were living in Paris and inspiring each other. I sometimes have your same wish about people from social media just for the reasons of connecting and sharing but I’m afraid that people might seem so interesting because they are far away. Distance does make the heart fonder.

  7. I think artists like us can get close to each other through our works, even if we are physically far away. By sharing our ideas and opinions through our works, it’s like we’re already in the same city, which is one gigantic city consisting of a gigantic number of people. As I see creative works that inspire me, it feels like I’m getting close to the creators. Still, I think meeting with artistic creators in person is an interesting thing to do.

  8. Yes, that would be great! even greater? that every soul could contribute in some artistic way so that each person we meet, could be another great inspiring conversation, throwing Ideas in the air as if it were glitter, and watching with wonder as even greater artistic things emerged!

  9. I understand how you feel…. But in a way things are better this way, more variety…. Less claustaphobic, in our art we all find a common bond, a brotherhood…that transends all borders…. And in having a means by which to connect to one another (the internet) we are at least lucky.

  10. Some of the greatest people I’ve met, I’ve never really met. Those who I’ve spoken with that have inspired me, I’ve never heard their voice. And those that have encouraged me to continue on, I don’t even know what they really look like.

    Someday we may meet Cristian. I would very much like that.

  11. I’m from a small farming village just 10 miles from a metropolis (mess) called Sheffield, a city of 600,000 people. As such, diversity is but 10 miles away. However, language and communication provides my inspiration to put words together to paint my pictures of the world as I see it. Friends who actually live in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand & Ireland have unwittingly provided the blank canvas to my alter ego world. I’ve splodged the colours on haphazardly and somehow or another, a picture has appeared. From these colours I write my history and my life and times. Maybe it is the child in me, but sometimes a picture embellishes what my words can’t quite achieve.
    Thanks for the follow. I’ll do likewise, you seem an interesting feller.

  12. Oh do I ever agree with you here! I have moved around a lot over the years, and ALL of my dearest friends live away from me…if I only I could have them all together in one place…WOW! That would be amazing!

  13. I was asked to make a list of friends that would be willing to attend a party…The sad reality hit me that most of my friends live outside of the state I live in. While I see them once a year, if even that, I like to be able to tell people how me met – usually through travel hahaha.
    Life would be easier if all our friends lived within the same city but also it would be a challenge.

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