More art prints…

roxana_1I kind of convinced this friend of mine to try to sell some more prints of drawings she did a while ago. Drawings I, honestly, find to be fascinating. You can order any of these two new art prints hereThey cost only $24.99 each, International shipping included.roxana_2

Also, you can buy a “bundle” of all five art prints for only $60 here.

Not much else to say. You can’t select the print you want from the shop page. You order the $24.99 Art print, then I e-mail you and ask you which print you want and to confirm your shipping address. Prints will ship within 2-3 business days and arrive at your location (worldwide) in around 5-7 business days.


6 comments on “More art prints…

  1. Kim Mullican says:

    I actually really love this piece. Not my usual style, but I like it.

  2. These are truly beautiful

  3. Twin peeks, a glass of lemonade, lady with the southern smile.

  4. thysleroux says:

    They are truly fascinating!

  5. LG Surgeson says:

    Fascinating as you say. Have placed my order.

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