A new beginning

snowA new day, a new year, a new beginning. Each year, on the first of January, we look back on the year that has passed and try to see the good, the bad, to figure out how to make things better. We try to learn form the past, and probably, we also spend a lot of time imagining a better future.

We have 365 days to change what needs changing, to become better, smarter, happier. Our hearts filled up with renewed hope and dreams and expectations, we make plans and lists.

We start pursuing other things. The ones we don’t have, the ones we need. Some see this as a flaw; we never seem to appreciate what we already have. I see this as our most impressive quality.

I made a list of things I want to do in 2014. But I’m also aware that each day is a new beginning, that each day I can choose to be who I want to be, do the things I want to do, and fight the battles I want to fight.

Living in the present, being aware that every second that passes is a second we never get back, is just as important as making lists and plans. Maybe that’s something we should never forget. That our dreams don’t suddenly come true… that our dreams don’t only exist in a distant future.

Our dreams also exist in the here and now and what we choose to do with our time and energy. Small steps… not big leaps, that’s what we should be aiming for. It’s easier, it might also feel like standing still, but every step, no matter how small, can only get us closer to our destination. Even if at times, because of us or the world around us, we might have to go in the opposite direction.

Other times, we lose our way. This happens to the very best of us. We don’t know what we want anymore, what’s important, what’s good.

Maybe that’s why making lists and plans, setting objectives and goals, is a good thing. Because that way we don’t lose track of what we really want most.

If wish you to keep that in mind. Everything you do, do it with your destination in mind. If you do that, even if you somehow find yourself a million miles away from your destination, you’ll still find your way.


16 comments on “A new beginning

  1. Great points made, have a fantastic year and thanks for sharing!

  2. irawandika says:

    I agree with you

  3. Nita says:

    thank you for this beautifully written reminder :)

  4. medasane says:

    happy new year, may your best dreams come true. :)

  5. katbayly says:

    Very inspirational piece of writing, thank you. After reading this, I’m looking forward to getting closer to my destination in 2014 and appreciating all those little things that make life so great.

  6. keeping on track…YES… agood reason for making our New Year’s list…well said!

  7. bamauthor says:

    It’s the journey…not the destination!

  8. The blogosphere (mine included) was filled with New Year’s greetings and Resolution lists. Some things in your post remind me of some lyrics by the Great John Lennon. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

  9. Great article. Agreed-lists are great but they are not everything and should not take away from the moment.

  10. Happy New Year / Bonne Annee!

  11. J. Noel says:

    This is so true. I even made my own list! :)

  12. This is a great way to see the new year. I agree with you, small steps is the way to change. Big steps tend to seem daunting.

  13. I better remember your advice here, then. Thanks very much for the reminder, Mr. Mihai, and Happy New Year to you! :)

  14. Adi says:

    Rightly said! It’s about the small steps and not the big leaps – a thing to remember each time we try!

  15. Windy_London says:

    I don’t really go in for New Years resolutions. In the past I have found them more helpful for promoting a sense of guilt or false pride, rather than true godliness.
    I know that putting my faith in Jesus and making him my Lord is a once off event, but the work of sanctification, overcoming my ingrained sinful habits is a long hard slog not well suited to an annual diet or fad. So this year I will certainly resolve to bring glory to God in everything I do and to put to death the works of the flesh, but I well repeat that resolve each day when I awaken. http://windylondon.com

  16. Hey Christian !! Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post. I always read your posts because they give positive message which I try to put in my work as well.Keep doing great work.

    Hope you will spare some time to read my writings and sharing your feedback.Have a wonderful time !!

    Happy Writing !!

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