Life’s a gamble

gambleI always thought that people are never entirely bad or good, and never inherently so. I always believed that people one only one thing: to be happy. And they set out into this world with this goal in mind, doing their best to acquire that which they require in order to be happy.

Happiness is not a destination. It is, I’m afraid, a series of moments in which we feel we have everything. There’s nothing to add, nothing to remove. And we’d like to stretch each and everyone of those moments for as long as possible. Of course, a moment of happiness never lasts forever.

Ultimately, there are no happy endings in life.

And sometimes life’s a gamble.

My definition of a gamble is the following: you risk of losing something you need or care about for the promise of gaining more of what you already have or something you don’t have but need.

In other words, you have to be willing to lose in order to win.

Like I said, we all do our best. Some play by the rules, and some don’t. Some try to find shortcuts, some just want to play it safe.

I’d really like to tell you all that being an artist is easy, that it is enough to just want to become one, but I just can’t do such a thing.

When I started writing in my early teens, I was doing so because I had everything provided for by my parents. It was easy to do what I wanted, and the interesting part (and I’m truly grateful for that) is that my parents let me make my own mind about stuff ever since I was 12.

Of course, I made mistakes. But that’s what life’s all about. Making mistakes, trying to hard or not hard enough, meeting, helping, and falling in love with the wrong people.

It’s all just trial and error.

Like I was saying, I could afford to think of myself as being a writer, because I wasn’t risking anything. But when I decided to make this my job, to become a professional writer (or self-publisher), I had to take a lot of risks.

Some of you know this, some don’t, but I don’t have any other source of income. I just write and sell books. And I blog.

And you know why I did this, and why I decided to keep writing (and never give up, no matter what) ?

Because writing is the one thing I like doing most in this world. And that’s the most important thing. Because writing makes me happy. I find happiness in the stories I write, I find happiness by knowing that writing will affect others, that my writing will change things.

And if I fail?

Well, I will fail by doing something I love, which I think is the most important thing you can do in this life. I’m not saying that doing what you love most in the world is enough, that you don’t have to strive to be better, that you don’t have to fight and bleed.

You will struggle. You will fail. You will have regrets.

But that’s one fight you’ll never regret losing. Never. Because if you’re passionate about whatever it is that you do, you’ll derive a lot of pleasure out of it, without even carrying that much about money, success, and recognition.

That’s what makes writers unique. The vast majority of them don’t write for fame, glory, or money. They just write because that’s the one thing that makes them happy.

Some might see this as the most accessible form of happiness: you sit down at your desk, and voila!, you’re happy.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe not.

I do know one thing though: when you figure out what’s the one thing you want most in this world, you’ll have to take risks. And in that moment, you’ll be brave enough and smart enough to realize what is that you risk to lose, what is it that you have to gain.

But there’s one thing you should care about: the odds.

No matter the odds, you should always fight for the thing you want most, because that’s the only fight you’ll never regret losing.


27 comments on “Life’s a gamble

  1. Kevin says:

    Good post besides the false belief that people are entirely bad. There are evil people out there that don’t care about others. History and science has shown us this is true. I am in agreement with your failure and not giving up. Just practicing your craft will help stack the odds of success in your favor.

  2. I’ve said this before, and again I’ll say it: A writer who keeps on writing is never failed. The only way a writer may fail is by quitting.

  3. Brilliant post this is exactly ahat I needed read. Writing as bas as I am gives me something that hasn’t come from any where before, satisfaction. A good feeling. Thank you

  4. globalnewsgarden says:

    Damn straight. Fight for what you love, not for the money or the fame. Great post!

  5. Hm. What I really want to do for the world…is to make the world a kinder and friendlier place through art and writing. I’m the kind of guy that believes that positive and negative always come together, and that the possibility I focus and put my mind on will get a higher chance of happening. So I focus on the bright side, because I believe that it is possible that this world can be turned into a better place to live in. Challenges may come my way, but I think that they can be turned into inspiration that can help me keep on moving forward to my goal, you know!

    “Face forward and find hope, even in the unbearable heat!”

    Well, that’s just a translation of a certain favorite Japanese song of mine, but anyway, that lyric sure motivates me! Freaking nuts!

  6. wow.. can’t say anything more! this post is perfect!
    reblogged at

  7. It’s important to notice and appreciate those happy moments when they happen. Its too easy to get lost in all the negative parts of a day, or the many rejections a new writer may receive. It is very commendable of you to take the risk you are taking. I hope that you continue to have happy moments.

  8. Life is about the journey not the destination.

  9. LaLindaArtStudio says:

    As long as your derive joy from what you do then you really have nothing to lose.

  10. medasane says:

    You are a wise man. :)

  11. Sona Rulz says:

    an affair shud be such that you can boast about.. like the one abroad… even I liked that pretty-attitude lady :).. and not with a sophisticated WHORE…

  12. Julxrp says:

    Life is much like a game of Poker.. You work with the cards you’re dealt and hope no one calls your bluff.

  13. theshowear says:

    I love it! your writing has touched me …. beautiful text.
    Although I think that many people do not know what love really.

  14. L&A says:

    God bless your timing! I’m in this period of my life where I finally stop just dreaming and start, as you said, taking risks, to get what I want, to do with my life what I always wished to do. And I’m not a gambler, never been till now. I’ve always played it safe, always by what I knew and never beyond. This post definitely gives me more courage to keep going, to take that leap and do something because it makes me happy, not because others expect me to. Thank you!!! :)

  15. kateywrites says:

    I’ve read a lot lately about people who are willing to take risks – from explorers to scientists to entrepreneurs. It seems they share a few special traits (from nature or nurture, the jury is still out). These include a passion for what they enjoy, an internal locus of control, and a comfort with being seen by others as different. Artists and writers need those same traits – soemtimes their work is the riskiest of all! Sounds like you have harnessed those traits to make writing your life. Good for you!
    (BTW, I know “internal locus of control is a pretty “therapist-y” term. There’s more about it here:

  16. coastalmom says:

    This post is filled with brilliant quotes that youcould use daily!

  17. upcycleblog says:

    It took me 40 years to understand what you have at so much younger. The sooner someone finds out what you have discovered, the happier they are. I am hoping to be as good at parenting as your parents were, so my young daughter won’t have to follow so many dead ends and struggle against self-made problems as I did. I hope I am encouraging her interests and confidence so that she will take them seriously when she grows up and not worry about security, status, money etc which is useful but is not the path of happiness. I believe all those things will develop enough, as long as the central core of following what is enjoyed is strong.

  18. TheDailyRose says:

    😦 this is brilliant , and so vital thank you for your words inspiration to me.

  19. Beautifully written! I believe one does not fully find happiness until he/she finds him/herself. Even then, I believe some amount of ambition & passion is needed as well. Yet, there is not a formula. I’ve had my ups & downs, but now I’m completely content & I can’t begin to tell you exactly why… or how.. But, I’m enjoying every second ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  20. It’s good that you love something, and you’re good at it. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a passion in life. I enjoy your writing.

  21. In life, we do our best to make it finer and better.Take time,think,one step at a time,then win your opponent.

  22. beingzora says:

    Great post, Christian! I love visiting your blog — so inspiring! Zee

  23. andyarticles says:

    Love what you wrote I am trying to kindle a flame here I understand the difficulty… thanks for speaking…

  24. emerge28 says:

    I don’t read enough of your posts in full, Cristian! I’m glad I did on this one. So true: finding that which you are passionate about, and pursuing it with gusto, is more likely to yield happiness than anything else.

  25. rarrrurr says:

    Your posts are so supporting!

    One Russian writer said, ‘I’m not as satisfied with my life as I’m happy’.

  26. gocooking says:

    Love the Caravaggio!

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