Out of all the aspects of writing I’m most amazed by the simple power the moments of true inspiration hold. You know, those moments when a story starts growing out of thin air — and grows and grows, and it feels as if you’re just observing, you’re just allowed a bit of insight into a new universe.

Yesterday I had one of these moments. I was listening to some music, and all of a sudden, I had one clear vision about a boy running and running. And the idea began to form and develop and blend with other, older ideas. It’s such a fascinating process.

Maybe this idea I had will never grow to be more than just a few sentences, but I know that many more ideas will come. And the process itself is marvelous. All these glints of life rushing to build something new, something that didn’t exist before. It’s a great power to have, and it’s great to feel this much power growing inside the prison of your mind as you feel the story growing stronger and stronger.

Sometimes I get such a moment just before I fall asleep. And sometimes I just have to get up and write. Sometimes I get that from a dream. But most of the time I just let it sink, I let it grow or die, without me doing more than just playing it inside my head a couple of times.

I believe that the best ideas never die.

A friend of mine, a painter, once said that people wouldn’t last five minutes inside his head. And I agree — the artist’s brain works differently; it builds certain connections that might seem random, it notices what most people don’t and it chooses to emphasize aspects that might seem irrelevant to others.


19 comments on “Inspiration

  1. jeansasson says:

    Yes, you are different, Cristian Mihai! Your writer’s artist mind is always going places that are so very interesting for the rest of us to enjoy through your writings… I hope you keep writing and writing and writing! Very best of luck to you, Jean Ssson

  2. the artist’s brain works differently; it builds certain connections that might seem random, it notices what most people don’t and it chooses to emphasize aspects that might seem irrelevant to others…
    so true!

  3. I love this. These moments occur daily in my philosophy class!

  4. Music is always a great source of inspiration. Many seeds of ideas can come from listening to a moving song or album.

  5. namenews says:

    “I tell ya, those artists are inscrutable folk. They are fine one minute, then you never know the next. I must admit, their ‘outside of the box’ thinking does make for some interesting ideas never before considered.” -JM

    Thank you for posting. Motivation is so random, and inspiration is the same, but when they mesh together …….. Wow.

  6. Piscis says:

    It’s true; those are among my most favorite of moments. Terribly distracting, but wonderfully invigorating.

  7. I love when this happens to me as I listen to music. When the experience is strong, it feels like I’ve been transported to another universe. When the experience is mild, it’s as if I’m peering through a keyhole into a new world. An artist’s brain is truly magnificent.

  8. sweetyshinde says:

    I agree. Sometimes when an idea strikes, I grab tissue paper/restaurant bill, anything available to scribble it out before it evaporates.
    REM sleep gives us many good Eureka moments too.

  9. leebaileyseiler says:

    I resemble this post. Sometimes I get those little flashes of story and I just enjoy them and keep them for myself, a sort of self-gift

  10. M T McGuire says:

    Love this post. A snippet of something while I’m listening to music is where a lot of my inspiration comes from, too. Love the illustration, too. I’ve always said, myself that the real world is lovely but I wouldn’t want to be stuck here full time.



  11. aamous6252 says:

    I feel the same way. It’s nice to know I’m not just crazy. I love that you are actually encouraging and appreciating these different mindsets. I was usually told throughout my childhood to stop the daydreaming and ‘get out of the bubble in my head’ and back into reality. I still sneak there once in a while and what I love most about my imagination, is its exclusivity.

  12. estyree says:

    Beautifully phrased!
    I have that happen in the middle of the night so often that I now sleep with two journals, one for dreams and one for the stories that tap me on the shoulder, yell in my ear, and demand their voices be heard at 3:30 in the morning.

  13. Reminds me of a Tim Robins movie where he shows a digram of his invention which is just a circle and a line (top and sideview). He of course is enthusiastic and exclaimers, “you know for kids”, but everyone thinks hes crazy. Wound up being a big hit called a hola hoop.. lol….. People like you, historical are the real movers and shakers of the world and humanity. :)

  14. You know, I think we can find inspiration in a lot of things. Simple or complex, big or small, I think many things, or maybe anything, can be a source of inspiration. These days, I draw inspiration from social issues that I learn about in the classroom or in the Internet. I want to make the world a kinder and friendlier place, you see!

  15. Melissa Kershner says:

    I had one of these moments the other day! You are right the process is fascinating!

  16. Diane Tibert says:

    I love the image with this blog. I thought it was me! :-)

    I agree: a writer’s mind is always moving, connecting seemingly random things. When these connections are shared, I often get odd looks.

  17. The picture is fun – and too true! Inspiration is everywhere. There is nothing under the sun that cannot inspire someone to tell a story!

  18. This post reminds me of Norman Mailer’s assertion that he was sort of given his masterpiece, The Executioner’s Song and that is was basically like he was recording something that was bestowed upon him rather than “work”; almost like he was a medium and the words were the spirits.

  19. tinfoil27 says:

    I really liked your advice about staying true to you and who you are and our own lives have many stories to tell. Well said!

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