Why I write

I write because I want, maybe even by accident, to create something beautiful.

I write because I want to find out who I am.

I write because there’s nothing else I’d rather do.

I write because I can’t dance, I can’t sing, and I can’t paint.

I write because I want to leave my mark upon this world.

I write because I feel that sometimes only words can change the world.

I’ve been writing for little over 10 years now. To be honest, when I first started writing I thought there was nothing complicated about it. You only needed imagination, I thought. Of course, I was 14. But even then, when I thought writing was easy, I wanted to say something. I genuinely felt that I had something to say. I only needed to acquire the tools.

I’ve always wanted to inspire in people what my favorite books have inspired in me. And I was relentless in this pursuit. I also realized that there was a lot more to writing than I had first thought. It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t all about imagination. Hell, it wasn’t even all about words.

But enough about me.

Why do you write?


69 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. I write because it makes me happy. I feel like I am doing something worthwhile, and something I can look back on and enjoy too. Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time. Most of the time whatever I write I look back on with disgust. But reading books and magazines on writing – of all kinds – makes me happy, and inspired to write in a way that I could make others happy some day too.
    Whenever I write, I also hold memories within myself and am in the process of making memories too. And I’m a complete fan of memories – good, bad and nostalgic kinds. I love all of them, so that might be the main reason why i write. Because I love looking back on the memories.

  2. I write for most of those reasons too. I’m not sure about leaving a mark; writing is transient, like every other abstract human endeavour. But if I can brighten someone’s day in the immediate, or provide something that brings pleasure, that’s enough for me.

  3. I write because it is the art form I’ve chosen above other possible avenues. I write because I wasnt to create art. I never have ever doubted once I realized I was one that I wasn’t a poet. I write because I want to write poems that someone will read and either say yes that is the way I’ve felt, or I never thought of it that way. I want to write a poem that takes the reader’s breath away. I write because I want to write the most perfect poem imaginable and yet know that it is completely impossible. Then again I never have to worry about ending my attempt. So I write. >KB

  4. I write because I want to be known, to be understood. i write because I want to make others feel the way I have felt when a book touches me deeply. I think there is a magical exchange of energy when that happens because is it forged in quiet moments, both during creation and consumption, when the writer and reader are honest and allow themselves to be seen with no frills, no pretense. It is that connection I aspire to create through writing. Even if I ever only make that connection with myself, in those moments when I have managed to articulate what is in my heart, it is enough.

    Thank you for this post, and for all of your thoughtful entries.

    Best regards,

  5. I write to leave spaces and gaps between words so that readers can lace, weave and intertwine their own thoughts and pictures and together we create connection. I write to leave even more room between the lines so that people can read between them and together, we create communion. I write so I can sense when I am on the same page with myself and when a chapter of my life should close. Or quite possibly when the entire book of my life should be returned to the great library it was borrowed from. I tried not writing once and I died. I write because I cannot NOT write.

  6. I write because I love creating entire worlds with words. I love creating characters, situations, whole new cities, etc. It’s an amazing experience. I also write to help with anxiety. Writing is one of a couple of things that help to calm my mind.

  7. I’m only now discover the process. It’s always been something I wanted to do because I believe in the power of the word and because you can leave a mark as you so eloquently said.

  8. I write because it is part of my purpose. I cannot not write. I may have time between my essays but they are always stirring in my mind until those thoughts are ready to be born upon the page. Love this post. ❤️

  9. I suppose that I write for five reasons: I have a talent for it, I’m a philologist, I love exploring personalities, I love the feeling of occasionally reaching the sublime, and I have the slight hope that God might be able to touch people through my writing. That about sums it up.

  10. People love you! They love reading your words and so do I. Actually Sir if I may be so arrogant to suggest that I am certain you may find writing really comes down to desire and guess what? You got what it takes! I enjoyed the way you said, “even by accident”. You’ll take it anyway it comes huh? I laugh because that’s funny. Better said maybe it’s sub conscience! What do you think? Well it is an honor to read your beautiful Blog and I have a big hunch, you’re going to become well known for just being you in the future. Good Luck To You And I Will Be Following! Thanks

  11. There are so many facets to the answer of that question…

    I write…
    …because I want to create something, to look at my work and be proud.
    …to try to prove to myself I’m as clever as I think I am, because even I have doubts from time to time.
    …because I’m vain enough to believe I can say something that matters
    …to express myself, and to exorcise my thoughts, feelings, and imaginings
    …to serve the addiction I have to putting myself out there; it’s hard sometimes, to make yourself vulnerable by putting your heart on the world wide web, displayed for anyone and everyone to see, but it’s a thrill to.
    …because I love art, and I have no disposition towards any other form than the written word.

    That’s something I could probably add to for quite a while, but I’m liable to start repeating myself so I’ll leave it at that for now. It’s probably more than fair to say I’m an amateur, and I’m still not sure if I’ll be taking it more seriously in the near (or even distant) future, but these are *some* of the reasons why I write.

  12. I write and I sing. Probably for many of the same reasons. I love to sing songs that have words that touch the soul. I write so that I can not only hear, but see the thoughts that are wandering around in my mind. Sometimes what “falls out” amazes me, sometimes not. Before I forget—I write because there may come a time when all of these thoughts start to fade away. I sing and I write….because that is what I do.

  13. I write because I can explain how I feel about things better in words. It helps to clear my mind and make sense of my world. I also write for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. That’s why I’m writing this comment. Thanks for sharing the reasons why you write.

  14. I write because I’m not a talker! I have a lot to talk about. However, I felt no power in my talking, but not in my writing (well, at least the power for my own feeling). It’s not (only) for others to read, but most of all it is for me to ‘talk’. :D

  15. To escape the everyday nuances of life, and take time out for me. Even if it’s just a short bit of time claimed, it calms, grounds and makes me feel…at peace.

  16. I Write Because I Feel Like I’m Creating A New Me. It’s The Only Time That I’m In Control Of What I Want. It’s Not Like Life Where Things Happen And I’m Unsure. I Get To Make A Relationship Between Myself And My Characters Because Every Piece Of Them Is In Me.

  17. All of the above suggestions, are basically my reasons. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. When life disappoints, my pen is always there. But even more than that, I mostly write to inspire and to tell the stories that most wouldn’t talk about. I write about them because I have a strong desire to invoke change. It makes me happy, and I don’t know where I’d be in life right now if I didn’t write it all down. Writing has saved my life.
    Thanks for sharing, and asking.

  18. I write because I appreciate my love for the horror genre. I’ve been a fan of horror since I can remember, and sometimes I feel I can write better stories than the ones I watch on the big screen. :)

  19. I write because I want to inspire others into helping make the world and kinder and friendlier place. There are many ways I can make the world a kinder and friendlier place, but this, writing, is one of the ways that I have fun with so much. Writing stories, especially all those fictional worlds…I guess my potential gradually revealed itself as I used my imagination so much ever since I was a kid. And keeping that potential…the power that my imagination holds…only to myself…I don’t think that would do any good. Writing and all other forms of art…they can be used to spread hope, you know!

  20. I like all of your reasons, Cristian. There are many reasons I write also, but one of the prominent ones is because I enjoy creative problem solving. Since no one story is the same as the ones before it, there are always new problems to be solved!

  21. I write because I have stories to tell. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t have a deep and noble message, I don’t want to change the world, I don’t consider myself some kind of home-bound literary messiah.

    I write because I want to tell you a story.

  22. I often would prefer not to write. I’ve sometimes given it up for awhile, but it always comes back. Writing done right is something like a raw nerve exposed, a vulnerability, with the soul touching something high-voltage that could collapse the person (high stakes, the heights being either a Dante or a Hemingway, sublime or alcoholism or both). But writing is the only way to capture and share a certain vein of beauty, like a particular curtain in the sunlight. There are times painting or sculpting just won’t express what needs to be communicated. So for me it’s the impulse to capture and share something beautiful (metaphysically: true/good, even if ugly) that can’t be done i. any other way.

  23. I write because it’s something I enjoy. It calms me, and takes me to another world. It makes the world just a tiny bit better

  24. Great post!
    I started writing stories back when I was four years old. I grew up in a time where everything on T.V. was about testing on animals and saving our planet. These topics were almost always the basis for all of my stories between ages four to seven. Later on I began writing fan-fiction about my favourite cartoons.
    I didn’t start to call myself a writer until I was fourteen. That was when I wrote my first novel. I have to say that since then I’ve grown a lot as a writer.
    I however am not exactly sure why I write? I used to be very insecure as a kid, but when I started to take my writing more seriously, my own characters ended up teaching me that, “No one can be happy trying to please everyone.”
    Being a writer has given me the freedom to be myself, and that is the best gift anyone could ever ask for.

  25. Mr. Mihai,
    I already responded to your question posed. However because you are such a provocative writer and your words stimulate so much thought in the reader, I wanted to clarify something I noted in my comment. I said I enjoyed the way you said, “even by accident”. I told you I laughed because that is funny! Actually if I could please elaborate? Writing can never ever be by accident because it is a deliberate act. There is no such thing as an accident in writing. What is so good about your statement is because it is honest and innocent. The reader is warmed and endeared by that untrue statement because we understand that in your youth you must believe at times if it was that good it must of been an accident! Nope! It is never an accident. Finally, ultimately a writer such as yourself will learn that no matter what you write, it’s about finding your audience. That is what you are in the process of doing right now and at such a young age being published with so many people responding to you shows that indeed there is an audience in the world for you. My guess is that your audience will grow to a size you never imagined possible. Now how exciting is that? Thanks again and much luck will come to you. I just know it! claudy

  26. I write because it let’s me express the thoughts in my head constructively. It keeps my brain alive. It turns all the little one sentence stories in my head into full thoughts. I mostly write for me. I write to have some sort of hobby. And well, it’s fun.

  27. I write because it helps me organize my thoughts even in my most chaotic moments. I write in the hope that my words will reach someone who needs them in that moment. I like to write because honestly, I like to read

  28. My mother actually was a writer and I remember making little books from construction paper when I was a kid. After she died, I was still a kid, but I was happy to have this love for writing. I’ve been writing poetry for about 11 years now and I never get tired of being able to express myself in words.

    It’s sort of therapeutic for me, and I hope to continue this love of mine so I can pass it down like my mother did with me.

  29. Writing gives me thrill! It’s like a puzzle for me to undo and when I’ve written a piece I’ve solved a puzzle >v< of course there are times when my puzzle seems incomplete and I'll have to refine it for a bit ;P

  30. The power of words is central to many world religions, as witnessed by the Judeo-Christian Book of Genesis, which attributes creation to the words of God – let there be – and then there was. If the world was created by words, how else could it be changed?

    I write to put my thoughts into an organized physical form. How often I look at them and say, “Now I know what I mean!” Then I and others can agree or disagree with them and learn from them either as lesson or caution – and note that I said “I and others.” Always reread your own work periodically – you will be amazed by the lessons you can learn or unlearn.

  31. It is a thought-provoking question…to ask writers why they write. The responses here had me shaking my head ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The reasons are as diverse and as alike as we all are and I appreciated the ways each one helped me see this.

    For me it can be creative and cathartic and while the act is solitary and technically soul-searching, it is expressive and social as well. Variously, I seek to communicate, to explain, to raise consciousness, but also at times to be heard, to be understood, to invite responses.

    As I am writing, whether for myself or for others, an Imaginary audience is always looking over my shoulder and shaping my words. I try to see them through others’ eyes and hear them through others’ ears to see if they are true or even to see through them to a truth I didn’t know was there.

    What I can say with certainty is that writing adds depth and richness to life and captures something that would otherwise be lost.

  32. I write because I feel my paper is the only thing that understands me, it pass no judgement. I write because it sets me free! It was my first love & always will be. That is why I write!

  33. I write because I have stories to tell. I write because without it my mind becomes a jumble of incomplete thoughts and ideas. I write to act out scenarios I wish could happen to me. I write because without it I feel incomplete.

  34. i write because i wanted to keep the memories ‘alive’. Sometimes, human forget things. We forget the feeling of the ‘first time’ .. first time knowing someone, missing someone, having moments with friends, and etc… so, i write those precious moments so that one day, if i forgot those feeling, i will be able to ‘steal’ some feeling again by reminiscing all the moments from the writing and pictures i have taken. Thats why im writing. ^_^

  35. Why do i write? i write, simply because i want to express myself. happy, sad, angry, loved, excited, pained, generous, smart. lot of versions of me, only in writing i can fully express.

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