One more time…

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”Thomas Edison

In January 2011 I self-published a novel. It was badly written, badly edited, and I had absolutely no idea how to sell it. I had no online presence: no blog, no Facebook page, no Twitter.

So I sold 4 copies in 4 months. It was a disaster. I received a 2 star review on Goodreads, and then I decided to un-publish the damn thing.

And I gave up writing. For a few months, that is.

But then, after months of working on various other projects (such as Jazz, The Writer, etc.) I decided to give self-publishing one more try. I had a nice following on Wattpad (where I had lots of positive feedback from folks), so I thought that this time I’d sell more copies.

So, yes, I thought I should try just one more time. But I was also determined not to give up. No matter what. I’d just write and publish, write and publish, until something happened.

Also, I knew that I had to keep blogging, as a way of finding an audience.

And I did just that.

Yes, it’s really that simple. As long as you don’t give up, you can’t fail. As long as you keep fighting, you can’t be defeated. You keep going, you keep trying, because, ultimately, this is what art teaches us: we’re always aspiring to achieve perfection, yet we fail, but that doesn’t stop us from trying again and again.

We fall and we rise, and we become better and better at it.

This is life, this is experience, this is how beautiful things get made.


30 thoughts on “One more time…

  1. Really great inspiring words. I tried to write a novel myself but I’m pretty lazy about it. People told me I have a great story in my hands but I’m somehow affraid to realize it and try to sell it.


  2. Thank you for this. Recently, I got feedback from a family member on my book. They basically rewrote three chapters, which made me question whether I can actually write. Since then, I have been floundering. I know what changes need to be made to my book, but I am having difficulty making them. Could be that my book is personal, about my life, and my hesitancy lies in unresolved issues, but I also think my confidence has been shaken. Also, another family member got my book to an editor, before these changes had been made. An incredible opportunity that I am sure will result in a pass since I now know it is not ready. Finally, I am awaiting the results of two writing contests I entered. I reread my entries, and my characters were one dimensional so I doubt I’ll win. I have to keep telling myself what you said: never give up. Thanks.


    • Stay strong! I think letting many people edit is not a good idea. Everyone will have a different opinion and it will cause you to start second guessing yourself. It is YOUR project. I was unsure of myself when I was starting my blog and let a few people here my website name idea and read first post and they started to recommend a number changes, so I decided NO MORE, went ahead with my site name, what I had written and that was that. When I get to the point to write a book, I’ll have one friend do some light editing but that’s it. Stay strong!!!!


  3. Keep going. If you really want it – keep writing. For me blogging/writers isn’t about how many followers I can get but impacting/inspiring the ones I already have. Promote it on Pinterest and google plus.. build up your brand and voice. Don’t give really hard and you can do it.


  4. This was a great post. It’s definitely true that you should not give up. Continue to practice your craft, and you will develop and improve.


  5. What an inspiring story! Thank you for your inspiring words and never give-up attitude! It seems that many of us are aspiring, inexperienced writers and it helps to hear from someone that has been doing it! Thank you again and best of luck with your projects!!


  6. Agreed. A few months ago, I came up with something I REALLY, REALLY liked – then, after that came a long spell of “how do I top that?” – it’s the kiss of death, to think that there’s nothing else! Gotta keep the car moving, even if it’s a junker!


  7. Great post, I have just finished my novel and had an offer of submission from a publisher after a review of a sample… this has motivated me to carry on regardless of the outcome…

    Also.. I would like to nominate you for the VBA- Versatile bloggers award :)


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