A life without pain

The last two weeks have been terrible. My right ear began to hurt. Then the right side of my jaw. And painkillers wouldn’t do much good. I struggled. Pain followed me everywhere, prevented me from sleeping, prevented me from properly hearing my own thoughts.

I went to see a doctor. He prescribed antibiotics and painkillers… it did the trick. Problem is, they’re kind of expensive. Also, apparently, to blame for all this is an infected tooth… well, the infections spread out or something like that, which is a really bad thing.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because there’s nothing else on my mind right now. I’m scared by what’s going to happen. Well, terrified actually. Never felt like this before. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen.

Last night I had to take more painkillers than ever just to be able to fall asleep. Two days earlier my gums bled.

For the first time in my life, I really feel powerless. I’ve talked to my mother, my father… they can’t afford to help me with the treatment. Heck, I can’t afford to help me with the treatment.

For the first time in my life, I don’t know how or what to write. I mean, I don’t know if I should write about this, how I should describe my current situation… it doesn’t make much sense.

And what is even sadder still… is that I knew this day would come. I’ve been “blessed” with sensitive teeth, and, so, had lots of trouble during the years. Cavities, infections, stuff like that. Never quite managed to fix everything at once, because it was too expensive.

I don’t know whom to ask for help. And I don’t really have much time.

It’s 1 AM where I’m at, and I can’t sleep. And, trust me, that’s the only thing I really want to do.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I want to fight. I want to try to sell stuff, write stuff, do stuff, and pay for the treatment. I don’t want to roll over and die.

It won’t be until Thursday that I’ll find out exactly how much this is going to cost me. My health, the promise of a life without this insidious pain that’s keeping me awake at nights.

But until then I’ll try to figure things out. Make a plan, start selling stuff.

For now, I’ve got these books that I want to sell. A bundle of 3 signed paperbacks. It costs $40, International shipping included, and you can purchase one here.

If you don’t feel like it, or if that’s too much, you can buy an e-book bundle, which will cost you only $4.99. You can do so here.

And, yes, I’m aware this post reads something like a yard sale, but I honestly don’t know what else to know.

Ultimately, if you want to help out, you can donate any amount you’d like via PayPal to contact [at] cristianmihai [dot] net.

I’ll do my best to do my usual job: writing posts, doing interviews, taking care of sponsors, all that stuff. Because there’s nothing else I’d rather do.


49 thoughts on “A life without pain

    • Ver very true, once antibiotics have killed the infection get it ripped out ASAP or it will do nasty things. I had the same thing and wanted them to pull it straight away but I had to have the antibiotics first. Worst pain of my life and I have suffered lots of physical pain in my life. None beat the pain of an abscess. Get well soon


  1. At certain times, life makes us feel helpless.
    At times when we may not be able to help ourselves, there may just be someone or some people who can help us.
    You have made the move to get help and help you will get.
    This too shall pass.
    Be strong!


  2. Have always enjoyed your writings. Have been in your situation. Not fun. This is a bit rogue, but when I could not afford prescription antibiotics in the U.S. – I purchased them online from Canada very easily and inexpensively. Prescription medication in the U.S. without health insurance is astronomical. Very best to you. I have a good feeling you will be up and well soon! Feel better!


  3. Hi Cristian – I’m so sorry you’re in pain, it sounds terrible. I’ve just ordered the e-bundle, and whilst I know it’s not enough, I hope other people will also contribute. I wish I could order the paperback bundle but I can’t right now – I’m sure I will be able to at some point. Sending you lots of well wishes and please take care of yourself – plenty of rest, fluid and sleep, when you can/it’s not too painful. Don’t work yourself into the ground, I know it’s hard but sometimes we do have to find a way of cutting ourselves some slack.

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  4. Oh Cristian I’m so sorry to hear of your troubles. I can empathize with your sense of powerlessness. I want to remind you that God is great and He can work things out that we cannot. Give your problems to Him and remember that ‘this, too, shall pass’.

    I know you are suffering and afraid. Please remember that every challenge comes with provision. I thank you for opening up with us and sharing. I encourage you and I pray for you….

    Dear Lord, We praise you and thank you for your care and provision. Father I would ask now that you bind up any spirits of fear and pain and send them away from Cristian in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I ask for your protection Lord. Surround Cristian with your guarding and ministering angels, that he would have peace and rest while he awaits treatment. I ask for your provision for Cristian. Please open the way for him to receive the care he needs for his health, Father. Let him be healed now in the name of Jesus Christ. Let his teeth be fully restored and the infection completely dissolved. For these things we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    Everything is going to be alright.

    God bless.


  5. I hope you feel better soon. Don’t stop taking the antibiotics. You can try to get by with Tylenol or aspirin for pain. Because you have to kill the infection, otherwise it can kill you if you go septic. I know, I had this problem and had a tooth pulled. Drink green tea if you can for the antioxidents and as warmth for your ear and throat. Use a wash cloth and run under hot water to put against your ear and jaw for relief.


  6. Have you considered oil pulling? I won’t promise that it will heal your tooth infection, but I have found that pulling oil when I have a toothache or tongue burn helps tremendously with pain and discomfort. I’m guessing you have some type of cold pressed oil in your kitchen right now, so for an investment of about 20 minutes you might find relief, but if you don’t you’ll have tried a painless and practically free experiment. This lady explains how to do it pretty well. http://wellnessmama.com/7866/oil-pulling-for-oral-health/


  7. Me too, hope you feel better too! I went through this one time had the tooth pulled but turned out in an other instance that I had a sinus infection and no tooth needed pulling. Hope everything works out for you keep us posted… regards greg…


  8. gargle with warm salt water, sloshing it around your tender oral area: sleep with a hot water bottle wrapped in something soft & comforting on the side that is in pain: lots of ibuprofen or equivalent to your preference; (do none of these things without consulting The ‘Go-To’ Person in your world!! I’m NOT that person, but Just sharing what has comforted myself and others in the same situation!! and sometimes, my ‘Go-To’ person forgets to remind me to remember the simple things to get me by when I’m so blinded by pain…. jus’ sayin’…) I physically empathize with the minutes that tick by so slowly til your Thursday arrives- you will be tucked snugly & gently! in the back of my mind til that day when you hopefully & finally experience relief as I have memories of this mindless pain that overcomes your everything til then. Try not to Fear the Unknown til it actually arrives…. walks in the Door and takes off its coat.

    Then you walk up and poke it in the nose!! ;-)


  9. Doterra oils heal infections naturally. and they cost less than 300. oregano in particular fight infections. it can be taken internally. I use essential oils to heal my family with everything. just a thought. =) feel better


  10. Have you considered an alternative treatment? I would suggest high doses of Vitamin C (lipid soluble), Vitamin D (to boost immune system), Vitamin E (to prevent further tissue damage), Probiotics (to combat infection), and swishing cold pressed organic Coconut Oil in your mouth daily for twenty minutes at a time. You should spit out the coconut oil in the trash after since it probably will contain toxins from your mouth and then you should brush your teeth thoroughly. I have a wisdom tooth that got infected and have started using Coconut Oil daily. It has pulled the infection out about 50%, my gums have stopped bleeding, my teeth got whiter and my gums have stopped receding. I hope you can get some help. I wish you the best.


  11. I can sympathize with you. I have terrible teeth thanks to a younger version of my life where I was bulimic. I had a cavity in a molar that became infected and spread up through my upper jaw into my sinus cavity. Take the antibiotics, stay on top of the pain, and talk to the dentist to see if you can work out a payment plan. Most times they will work with you. Good luck and I hope you get some relief soon!


  12. Really wish I was in a position to help. Will send a little via paypal, but it’s only a little. Thanks for the reminder to be forever grateful for dental care being covered by my insurance. It is easy to forget to be grateful for things like that. Also will say prayers for you. I believe it helps, and at least it can’t hurt. Hang in there


  13. I’m not sure how things are where you live, Cristian but hopefully they can give you some sort of finance option to pay in installments. No one should have to suffer like that.
    They could probably just extract the infected tooth & then treat the surrounding area. It sucks but at least you’ll be out of excruciating pain. I feel for you, I really do. Been there.

    Wish I could be of greater help to you.
    Hope it all works out.


  14. Doesn`t pain just piss you off? Stay strong, you`ll make it. I`ve been sick for two weeks with some nameless Asian virus, but I just keep going like a cockroach that`s been stepped on but JUST WON`T DIE.


  15. Sorry to hear this, I sympathize with you, Christian. And for anyone, having toothache if you leave it, will have bacteria spreading inside our mouth. That sure will affect till our ears (ENT). Once you feel it, act immediately …..a dentist on the spot. Even no money, just don’t wait.


  16. sorry to hear about your pain, get the antibiotics and don’t mess about with alternative medicines at this stage…they’re brilliant for balancing you out, but when things are acute, use all the heavy artillery – if you’re too broke for anything else, get the tooth pulled out. The pain will then vanish like a bad dream at day break.


  17. Tumeric (the orange spice in indian and thai food) helps immensely for some folks with pain. Take 1 Tsp and mix with milk or water, then swish. It also comes in caplets at the drug store for internal use, if you’re one of the folks that it helps.


  18. I am so sorry to hear that you’re in so much pain. I can relate to being in constant pain and unable to do anything about it, even having that looming feeling that something worse may come. You mentioned that your ears are hurting and everything is making it difficult to concentrate, again I can relate. Last year I went though my own medical crisis hell that lasted a good 9 months, where I lost 40% hearing permanently in both ears as a side-effect of what I was going through.
    As difficult as it may be, you need to find the courage and motivation to stay strong and persevere. You do need treatment, that goes without question, but have you looked into natural remedies? I know in my pain and without answers, my sister and I went looking for them on our own. Don’t give in just yet, you have all of us pulling for you!


  19. I really wanted to like this post but seeing as I am very new to the world of blogging I haven’t yet figured out how. LOL That being said I do wish you well and hope you feel better soon. Tooth pain is a drag and really affects daily life. Hang in there!!! My advice is let them pull it. You’ll feel almost instant relief, but you’ve got to finish those antibiotics first because a dentist won’t touch it if it’s infected for many reasons. All of them geared toward your over all health and well being.


  20. Cristian,
    I’m so sorry to hear the terrible pain and anxiety you’re going through. It just sounds awful. Please know that I’m praying for you and going to check out the book bundle right now, and will pass the word. Although it might seem impossible, do your best to believe it will all work out. Sending you lots of love.


  21. This may sound crazy, but buy some coconut oil. It’s cheap (relatively speaking to medical bills and prescriptions), and it is a fantastic oral antibiotic. It’ll probably help save those sensitive teeth of yours from future problems too. Prayin’ for you.


    • Oh, someone already suggested it: “…swishing cold pressed organic Coconut Oil in your mouth daily for twenty minutes at a time. You should spit out the coconut oil in the trash after since it probably will contain toxins from your mouth and then you should brush your teeth thoroughly. I have a wisdom tooth that got infected and have started using Coconut Oil daily. It has pulled the infection out about 50%, my gums have stopped bleeding, my teeth got whiter and my gums have stopped receding.”


  22. Tooth pain is horrible and very serious. Hope you are able to get the treatment you need. Damn the health care system in this country, although it is slowly slowly getting better. Please keep us posted. I can’t help financially at this time, but that could always change.


  23. Check your local area for charities that provide low cost dental care sometimes it is on a sliding scale. I helped a friend in the states find such care on line. Help is out there you just need to look. Some dental school also provide this service.


  24. Cristian…so sorry for your pain and the worries add to the pain, I know. I agree with “Puppiesinparadise” that you may want to check with local charities…or ask your dentist/doctor if you can pay a little at a time. One time I needed dental work and asked if I could pay a little at a time, a fixed amount each month until the bill was paid off. If you ask and make a financial arrangement in advance, sometimes you can get help that way. Meanwhile…please take the medicine and also the dental school is a good idea. Cristian…let us know how you’re feeling. Again…our hearts go out to you.


  25. Ugh. I’m reflexively circling my tongue around a gap in the back of my mouth where I had to have an abscessed molar pulled years ago when my family was broke and didn’t have dental insurance. My teeth are always a mess, no matter how little candy I eat or how well I take care of them. I’m sorry you’re going through this. You do write beautifully, and I hope you can always keep doing it.

    I’ve downloaded the novella, and I hope you’re having a better evening.

    Oddly, I know a Romanian man IRL, and he is also Cristian Mihai, but he’s not young.


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