Super offers

nudeI’d like to tell you about some really cool offers, something you could be interested in.

First of all, this painting. It’s an original artwork made by my girlfriend, which she gave to me to sell to earn money for my medical care.

Then, there’s the paperback bundle. Three signed paperbacks for only $40, international shipping included.

Of course, if you already went digital, there’s the e-book bundle for just $4.99. Limited time offer, so you’d better hurry.

And last but not least, I’m offering five more reblog spots for the following weeks. For just $50 you get one of your blog posts reblogged on my blog and reach an audience of over 68,000 people. Lots and lots of exposure. It’s a great deal, and you can purchase it here.

That’s all, folks.

You can support this crazy indie writer by purchasing whatever you think you need/want/like to have/read/admire/use.




3 thoughts on “Super offers

  1. The painting looks fantastic. Your girlfriend must be super-talented. Not an art collector myself, but will surely refer it some people whom I know are interested in this stuff. Also, shared this on my FB timeline.


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