Who we are…

Train stationFirst of all, I’d like to thank Daniel and Sunaryo for their contributions to the campaign that’s raising funds to help me release my upcoming novel, vertigo. [Read a sample here.]

If you wish to help me with this endeavor, you can pre-order the novel or contribute any amount you see fit here.


12 thoughts on “Who we are…

  1. I don’t think you can ‘become’ the person you ‘want’ to be… the journey may be to become the person you are. Some small changes are possible, but the fundamental you must be embraced, loved and polished, this is the struggle.

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  2. I don’t know if i agree with the quote. The person you want to become isn’t always the person you should become, but at the same time, the person you should become is, whether or not you know it, the person you actually want to become. Furthermore, finding yourself is finding that person who you’ve always wanted to be, and the person you’ve always wanted to be, as i’ve said, is the person that you should become.


  3. I agree a lot with your post!!! Fighting for who you want to be and not to search when it some times is really running away from yourself and who you want to be. Finding ourselves- When you spend almost your whole life fighting a path you thought you wanted only to look back at all the time and training and realize this was never what you were meant to be. Then try to find what your true passion is…God’s purpose for you. I think their are so many avenues in Life…I hope everyone can finds out who they want to be, but I’m sad for those that will never find out or get stuck in a place they don’t want to be. Always about looking within. Good luck on your novel!!! I love reading and writing. I will check it out


  4. I still believe for some of us, it is about finding who we are. Some of us get branded quite early, without even realizing what we have to offer. All I am trying to say is one needs to assess who they really are. Some people learn it very early, some people learn it quite late and some keep running from themselves and never realize. Thanks for the share though. Will not be able to help you with your book right now for some personal reasons. But i hope it makes it out there with support of others. Will be looking forward to read it eventually in time.




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