Don’t think, just write!

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that we should either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. I believe that we all aspire for greatness, one way or another.

I also believe that sometimes all we need is a little bit of confidence. We can be better, smarter or faster.

A century ago, people were dreaming of flying, trying and failing, falling on the ground. But why do people fall? Why do they continue to fight when all hope seems to be lost? I believe it is because it is in our nature to fight, to try to find something in the darkness of the things we do not understand, in the chaos that surrounds us.

There’s but a thin line between success and failure. Tell yourself that until you believe it.

I know a lot of young, aspiring writers who don’t want the pain. They don’t want the stress and they don’t want to put in the effort that is required to create something great. They spend way too much time waiting for some stupid muse to come their way, they want for everything they write to be brilliant.

They don’t want sentences that don’t make sense, they don’t want to produce page after page of bad writing. They want instant greatness.

Some believe this is how things are. They are wrong. You have to be willing to fail hundreds and hundreds of times before you create something wonderful. It’s all trial and error, and what really separates us is how much we are willing to work before we tell ourselves our stories are ready.

That is all.

Don’t over think it, don’t tell yourself what you are doing is more than what it is, don’t try to impress anyone. Don’t play it safe either.

Simply write like yourself, and write exactly what you’d want to read.

Our greatness is limited only but what we believe to be the very best we can do.


31 thoughts on “Don’t think, just write!

  1. I’ve been staring at my screen between stops at procrastination-station, unable to put down any words. Sometimes I think writing hurts- when I feel like i’m not getting it right I feel absent from myself; i’m lost.

  2. Very nice piece of writing, and very true. I’ve been noticing that about myself. The way I tend to shy away from the stress if I can avoid it, and I’m ashamed of it. Because what point is there to living your life if you don’t do everything in you power to achieve your goals? The only way people become the huge successes that they are is by busting their asses to get there.

  3. I have to admit I try really hard to make my stories sound great, but only end up getting frustrated when they don’t. I think I need to get busy failing for a while (and being okay with it.)

  4. I consider myself to be somewhat of a perfectionist. I either give things my all or I don’t even bother giving anything. I understand greatness isn’t an immediate achievement yet I still aim for perfection. It’s quite an annoying habit!

  5. I am happy that you wrote this. I had to learn the hard way that every piece of poetry isn’t a masterpiece. I have discovered that over thinking can ruin the creative process, and just writing off of inspiration can produce things we never imagined.

  6. I have found that in the past, I would spend so much time comparing my work to everyone else’s, completely forgetting about all of the time and effort they must have put in to create that one peice of art. I now understand that I will never write like anyone else because that simply isn’t who I am, nor is it my story to tell. Instead, I can work on myself, learn myself, by just writing.

  7. With my writing I try to just get into the topic. My daughter throws things at me and it’s amazing what you can come up with by not really thinking about it. Like you say … Write like you the one that’s going to read the topic and enjoy it.

  8. Christian, you are the one as if you know exactly what is worrying me. I always regret about my blogs, and now can even spend many days before publishing one, only because I don’t want to regret anymore. You give me a lot of breath.

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