I have loved the stars too fondly…

night skyThough my soul may set in darkness,

it will rise in perfect light.

I have loved the stars too fondly

to be fearful of the night. – Sarah Williams
Words are our most important discovery. Forget about fire, forget about all the places we’ve been to, and all the places we’ll reach. Words allow us to see farther than any telescope. And, at the same time, words allow us to see inside each and everyone of us, to see every lever and gauge and all the other tiny elements that make us work. 
Sometimes you read something a stranger wrote on a lonely night and you feel less lonely. You feel like you somehow know them, and your only regret in the world is that you haven’t read their words sooner. 
Sometimes you read something that’s so good that you want to absorb it all, you want for those words to become you, to express  who you are. Words written by a stranger, describing who you are to a billion other strangers.
And sometimes words are just beautiful. They sing to us in ways that no song ever could.
We didn’t invent words. No. Words invented us. They invented this world, and kindly allowed us to create a million more inside our heads or on paper. And we use so many words, at strange hours of the night, that sometimes we feel trapped by them. We feel lonely and scared, and we feel as if words can’t really express who we are. That, somehow, all we are doing is diminishing our experiences and feelings by writing them down or saying them out loud.
It’s easy to feel this way, especially if you’ve been writing for some time. To feel that we haven’t yet discovered the words that could accurately describe the fire that burns inside us.
And what do we do?
We use words to create the future. We use them to write about who we always dreamed of becoming but never had the courage to become, we use them to write about who we’d want to be, who we think we are. We use them to describe a world that was never meant to exist.
We travel this world with our pockets filled with dreams, and we can only make come true a few of them. The rest we write into existence hoping that someone else might want to make them come true…

23 comments on “I have loved the stars too fondly…

  1. kookiekrysp says:

    “We didn’t invent words. No. Words invented us.” Those two sentences just described what I love so much about words and reading. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. fellino says:

    I love this

  3. Talia Trackim says:

    Lovely post :)

  4. joshuabertetta8306 says:

    Words allow us to see farther than any telescope…What a wonderful line and in that spirit, maybe they allow us to probe deeper than any microscope…Then too there are moments when words just flat out fail us

  5. nerdycanuck says:

    Very nice this is going on Pinterest~

  6. This is quite inspirational. :)

  7. cbnwali says:

    Words are indeed powerful, it is that which sets us apart from other creatures.

  8. Thank you for this – beautifully written.

  9. Beautiful words! And you have just recreated yourself with this post, Christian! :)

  10. mpotter4991 says:

    Really beautiful and so true

  11. Lungsanliu Gonmei says:

    So true. It’s amazing what words can do. Love the picture, the quote.. love your writing. feels at home here…

  12. rumadak says:

    Amazing post!!

  13. cindydyer says:

    Lovely, Cristian, just lovely.

  14. shalinich36 says:

    Loved to read this…….and the cascading words flow so smoothly……..beautiful

  15. cc.blogger says:

    “We use words to create the future.” – Loved this line.

  16. Beautifully written.

  17. tunonl says:

    We are our word, you have integrity when your actions correspond with your word.

  18. Simply beautiful… thank you.

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