Three easy steps to achieving what you want

1. Believe you can.

2. Try.

3. Don’t give up.


31 comments on “Three easy steps to achieving what you want

  1. Short, Simple and easy steops to follow, Wish we all can follow this simple steps instead of going erratic on everything.

  2. Hemu Saini says:

    Indeed. Believing in yourself can help you achieve unthinkable feats.

  3. Mwende Grace says:

    I almost went the number three way….

  4. vindalv says:

    That sounds pretty easy. ;)

  5. jennroig says:

    First step: figure it out

  6. Simple words of wisdom but oh so true! Great reminder, Chistian!

  7. jeezusgut says:

    Both the easiest and most difficult process.

  8. Sara Lewis says:

    Well that’s pretty much it, now isn’t it? And trust God, of course. :-)

  9. athling2001 says:

    Short and sweet but that says it all!

  10. cocoblaq says:

    Simple and straightforward.

  11. Harliqueen says:

    Points I really need to remember some days! :D

  12. barn7777 says:

    Well Said.

  13. I love it! It really is that simple, yet we tend to make things so complicated by not having patience with ourselves.

  14. Oh! It’s that simple – I have been following a much more complicated list. Switching now!

  15. colinjkeats says:

    Nice. Perhaps adding in “Know that you have the talent to do it” might be worth while, or else we have American Idol audition syndrome. ;-)

  16. deannasallao says:

    thanks for inspiring me! :)

  17. billyboy says:

    Love it! Def have 2 and 3 down pat but need to work on 1!

  18. For just how long do you have to do this, though? In years, that is.

  19. mudit666 says:

    Simple and to the point. One cool way to inspire people.

  20. Thanks for the timely reminder, Cristian.

  21. Thanks for the simple, timely reminder, Cristian.

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