Never give up on your dreams – part 2


“A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.” – Junot Diaz

On the 29th of January 2013 I wrote a blog post about my struggles as a writer. I wrote it and knew that I was a writer. I wrote it and knew that I couldn’t live without my stories, without my characters, without my strange habit of angrily punching those keys on the keyboard late every night. 

It’s been one hell of a ride, guys. Ups and downs, and moments of hopelessness. I’ve lost my way a few times, I’ve given up on writing because I thought that I had everything I needed in order to be happy. I thought that I only wrote because I wanted to escape some sort of personal hell.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe we all make art because we are running from something. We are hiding from the world behind words and paints and brushes, but art is also an act of creation. An act of faith.

We are artists because we hope. We hope that our art will change something. We hope that our words will make a difference.

We are artists because we love. We love in a way that most people would never understand. We love life, we’re not trying to escape it. We love life so much that we want to show others that it can be beautiful, that the life they want can be won.

We are artists because we’ve conquered fear. We’ve found freedom in the form of a story, or a song, or a movie. And we give others part of that freedom.

Art is not about fame, glory, money, or fans. It’s not about adoration. It’s all about happiness, and finding it in a way that doesn’t tie you to anyone else on this planet.

There’s nothing quite like it.

And, yes, sometimes it seems impossible. Sometimes it seems like a waste of time. Sometimes you want to give up.

But who are you going to be if you give up?

Maybe you should stop. Go out, live your life.  See the world. Have fun. Get your heart broken, once or twice. Fall in love with everything you feel deserves it.

One of two things will happen: you’ll either start to miss it or you won’t.

Whenever I gave up on writing, sooner or later, I’d start to miss it. I’d start by writing down a few sentences, I’d imagine stories and characters, and I’d listen to people talk in coffee shops or buses. I’d spend more and more time observing life, rather that living it. I’d listen to a song, and it would instantly create an image for me. And the image would grow and grow and become a story, and there’d be no other way than to write it into existence.

And, oh, how much I missed it. Punching those keys, walking around my living room like some lunatic because I can’t find the right words. The adrenaline rush of having written something that sounds perfect. Or almost.

I once wrote that I’d never have written a single word if I had been happy. Maybe I was right. But the truth is that I’d never have written a single word if it didn’t make me happy. If it didn’t give me so much more than just that.

Writing has given me purpose, direction, discipline. Writing has made me realize what I want to do with my life, and who I want to be. Writing has allowed me to see the world in a different way.

Never give up on your dreams. No matter how impossible they seem. Because if you do, you’ll spend a lifetime feeling as if life’s just running away from you. Life’s just something other people are experiencing and getting the most of. You’ll simply exist. You’ll eat, you’ll breathe, you’ll sleep. And that’s it. You’ll build a web of intricate routines to keep you busy. You’ll want noise, because you won’t stand the silence.

And every single moment you’ll spend all by yourself, that’s when the dream will come to haunt you in the form of this strange sense of emptiness. You’ll struggle to overcome it, but you won’t be able to.


28 comments on “Never give up on your dreams – part 2

  1. This is absolutely true and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your passion. It is inspiring.

  2. Gypsy Bev says:

    Writing is something that is within you and can’t be escaped. It is impossible to give it up completely. You will always have the passion.

  3. kirill says:

    oh my god! I am none of those things you described, your are so full of courage, good stuff. I do not hope my writing will change the world, I don’t even wish it. Well maybe deep inside but it is so deep that I do not know about it. ) I keep on writing without any major sign of progress for years now. And I do writing because I am bored. And writing for me is so fun that boredom runs away from me. :) I love your blogging, good job!

  4. Amal says:

    Reading this post made me feel like I’m in a roller coaster. Your words took me to so many places in few minutes. I really like it well done 👌 :D

  5. Beautiful. It’s as if you wrote my souls deepest secrets.

  6. Nandie says:

    Yes! I can relate to all the “signs” you gave about knowing you’re meant to be a writer. Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a week without writing, even when I “quit”. If I wasn’t writing fiction, I was writing sappy diary posts about how no one understands me lol. I’ll never give up, and I hope one day to meet you in the winners circle :)

  7. JasonWang says:

    Yes that’s so true.You had written what I had felt in my heart.

  8. So true and wonderfully written.

  9. stump3d says:

    Very inspiring. I recently got to know about Wattpad and I’ve been hooked ever since. Of course, there are still some badly written stories there but finding a gem among the others is quite a fun activity in itself. I like the idea of the authors being unhampered by the idea of writing for money or writing to please their editors. Wattpad is an oasis of creativity amidst a deadpool of rehashed ideas and Harry Potter-wannabes.

  10. Imkurtdv says:

    So right, I felt what you felt while reading this post :)

  11. hareramohi97 says:

    i agree with you and i m very inspired by your passion of writing

  12. You are amazing,followed. Follow back,maybe? I’d be glad.

  13. Excellently put! Thnx for sharing! Someone said before “One gets to be their true self only when they are in bed alone at night” I guess it’s because of the dreams that come to haunt you! Great read

  14. jadescanlon says:

    Honest and relatable. I particularly connected with the part “I’d imagine stories and characters, and I’d listen to people talk in coffee shops or buses. I’d spend more and more time observing life, rather that living it. I’d listen to a song, and it would instantly create an image for me. And the image would grow and grow and become a story, and there’d be no other way than to write it into existence.” Thank you for a great read!

  15. Maci Dillon says:

    Such a powerful message! Thank you for your encouragement, your words always inspire me.

  16. beautiful…i guess people give up on their dreams because of fear – fear that if they succeed or go ahead with following their dream, they will lose another part of life…fear of loss of approval from the people holding you back..

  17. Fantastic post! One thing I’ve struggled with a lot over the years is finding the courage not to delete my posts or entire blog because I’ve doubted myself and worried what others might think. I’m not going to do that anymore – I’m just going to write.

  18. dugger50 says:

    I think writers are afraid of being forgotten when they are dead and gone. As a writer a little bit of your wit and wisdom lives on forever.

  19. Well said. There are so many reasons to write…and no good ones (for me) not to. Our motivations may change, but our words always suit a purpose, whether it’s our need to express ourselves, our intent to help others, our chance to open discussion and learn…. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  20. Anam Tariq says:

    Can I just say what a huge amount of motivation you just gave me by reading this post? You’ve got a beautiful mind and your words do mean a lot to others, including myself. Thanks for giving me the much needed boost.

  21. alkaplan says:

    Well said. When I don’t write, I don’t sleep well. My characters start screaming in my head “Let me out! Let me out!”

  22. Erik Conover says:

    Keep going. Know what you want. Believe with every single fiber in your being that you can become what you want to be. Great post. Inspirational. Just what I needed to get me through a block.

  23. Beautifully expressed.

  24. Lot of truth in this. You explain the compulsion to write and the beauty and happiness derived from it better than I can explain it to myself! Not writing, not observing, not telling stories, not dreaming up worlds – it’s just not an option. It’s comforting to see others agree :-)

  25. locksley2010 says:

    Yes, yes and YES!

  26. domain says:

    What’s up, yes this post is in fact pleasant and I
    have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging.

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