Impossible journeys

one_wordWhen I first started this blog back in April 2012 I had absolutely no plan whatsoever. I had tried blogging for a few weeks back in January 2011, but it didn’t work out because I couldn’t find any readers.

The thing is, the Internet is pretty much a bizarre world. Yes, you’ve got millions and millions of people, so the potential is there, but at the same time you can’t stop asking yourself how on Earth are all these people going to find you among so many others who are doing kind of the same thing?

So, instead of focusing your time and energy on what you’re doing, you keep trying to find something unique and brilliant, something no one else has ever thought of doing before.

When I first started blogging I knew that I would never give up. Don’t ask me why, I just knew. I didn’t know what I would write about, but I knew I’d try to write almost daily about something. After all, there’s always something to write about if you search. Anyway, I had no real plan, I just knew I wanted to self-publish a bunch of books.

At first, as it was expected, no one read me. My first few blog posts, I wrote a few book reviews, set up an account on Goodreads, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. I connected with my old followers on Wattpad, but that was pretty much it.

And it did seem like an impossibly difficult journey. I simply couldn’t understand how successful bloggers such as David Gaughran, The Bloggess, or Catherine Ryan Howard could possibly have become so successful. You see the number, those tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, but it feels like a vague concept.

You understand the number but not its meaning.

And, at first, when you’re getting a handful of likes and comments, it does feel meaningless. You write a brilliant post, and you want the entire world to read it. You want it all, and you want it now, but you only get two or three comments.

That’s when you have to force yourself to keep going.

Perseverance is one of the rarest qualities in humans.

Things will soon pick up, as long as you’re consistent. As long as you write what you want, and stay true to whatever it was your readers saw in you.

That’s it, actually.

I know people want to know how to write, when, and what kind of software to use. I know people want the easy way, and they want the fastest way too. But there’s no such thing.

I write short essays about what it means to be an artist. I sometimes write about different stuff, that I either witness or experience, but I’m mostly an artist’s artist. I write about the process and the struggles, and for whatever reason, people like it.

That’s all I know. Other than that, yes, I’ve wanted to give up, especially when I found myself involved in too many things at once, or when I was forced to work part time as a waiter, or when a book launch didn’t go as planned. Sometimes it felt like standing still, other times it felt as if the road was just too long.

Probably that’s when you simply have to stare back and see what you’ve accomplished so far.


42 comments on “Impossible journeys

  1. Linda Uhls says:

    I’m just starting! Great words of encouragement. Thank you!

  2. april4june6 says:

    Thank you for this touching account of your blogging – and not only- experience! It is very useful for those of us who are starting!

  3. Sandi Zajec says:

    first I like to say great text.
    I have just started my first blog and I watch every spare second that I have if there is any new comment or like. But in my opinion it is all worth it if you love what you write, and it is good feeling to see that there is someone out there who actually reads and appreciate your writing,

  4. sknicholas says:

    I agree with every word. Perseverance is the key, completely.

  5. ehbates says:

    Timely encouragement for me. It’s hard to persevere, but that is how success is won. Thank you for your wonderful words!

  6. I’ve just recently started, this gives me more confidence and belief to keep going. I enjoy it so I should continue whether the number of views is 1000 or 10!
    Great encouragement, thanks!

  7. woundstofeel says:

    Thank you for this! I have the same feeling that I’m not giving up. I, too tried blogging a couple of different times but would post sporadically. Now I feel the urge to post daily and it’s pretty free flowing. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and am excited about my own journey. Bravo on yours!

  8. Deepshikha Singh says:

    Amazingly written. Very motivating for new bloggers like me :)

  9. Planet Zion says:

    Well said, thanks I needed this and many others I’m sure did too. :)

  10. Ponikaa Girl says:

    Inspirational. Thank you.

  11. Thank you! I really needed this.

  12. jhdsn48 says:

    Very motivating, and so true! I’ve also felt that way before, and decided that nothing’s going to keep me from putting forth my efforts to writing (or anything else I love)! Wonderful, encouraging post, thanks :)

  13. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is really encouraging for new bloggers like me.

  14. mctiller says:

    Congrats on your success as well

  15. Jenni says:

    It is also easy to start a blog, give up on it because your readership is low, and then start a new blog thinking things will be different. I found that looking at my favorite successful bloggers and their first posts helped me realize that it took awhile for them to get to where they are now. Thanks for this great post!

  16. pastedreams says:

    Amen! I don’t keep up with my “stats” any more. I noticed that on some days when I got a lot of readers, I thought that’s what people wanted to read, and when I got fewer readers on another day, I felt I had to change my tactic. Really, you have to stay true to yourself and write from the heart.

  17. That’s it! Never ever follow patters that worked for others and do what it is your gut tells you. Blogging is about writing and not about getting exposure.

  18. Amber Green says:

    Thanks! I’ve started to attract more readers and I am working on my business WordPress page. Perseverance is key!

  19. madamsabi says:

    Thank you for sharing. It just helped to stiffen my spine of steel

  20. Helene Kwong says:

    I can relate to what you are saying because I’m undergoing the same thing. Thanks for articulating your experience. Very motivational!

  21. Pushkar Anand says:

    I commiserate with your thoughts,it seems you are writing my present story.Thanx a ton christian

  22. Thank you for those words. It’s a hard life ‘out there’ but we must never give up.

  23. ashytaw says:

    This is great! Guess I saw this just at the right time. Thanks

  24. Ajatara says:

    Seems we’ve got a bunch of new bloggers here saying the same thing – this definitely helps me feel less bad about my paltry views, likes and comments.

    My blog is not even 2 weeks old yet! I need to stop obsessively checking my site stats – it’s doing nothing but bringing me down!

    Thank you for the reminder!

  25. bcre8v2 says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Cristian. Needed that today!

  26. athling2001 says:

    Thanks for the honest thoughts and encouragement. I’m at that point now so it was good to have some reassurances:)

  27. amyproto says:

    Congrats on your journey!

  28. alaashakour says:

    I have to say that your blog post are always so spot on you have a wonderful voice ! thank you for the encouragement via your posts and also on my blog.
    send lots of love your way- AlaaXx

  29. dznetsg says:

    Very encouraging!

  30. I’ve been blogging since 06 and have about as many readers. I don’t understand it, because my mum says I’m hilarious.

  31. Thanks for the encouragement. I must now begin a project that has been almost twenty years in the making and I must finish it. I didn’t know at the time it was a matter of life and death for me.

  32. Hiah Learning says:

    Congratulations on your journey and for a wonderful post to inspire others! Thank you for being so honest in your approach and your words.

  33. Happy Lifeaholic says:

    Great post. Perseverance is truly the key to success! :)

  34. ivancology says:

    Hey Cristian, thanks for the words of encouragement. I really appreciate.

  35. thecanonjourno says:

    I love it when people write brilliance all over their blog! Brilliant!

  36. Great description of a blogger’s feeling. It’s the desire of reaching out vs. the reality of a few readers that characterizes the initial phase. However, all beginnings are not easy and everything is difficult before it’s easy. We just need what you said: persistence. We should do what you did: just keep moving.

  37. I just started too. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this blogging stuff is hard work!!! encouraging post!.

  38. Oh yes I feel this so keenly right now! Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder to keep pressing in.

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