change“We are the prisoners of our own ideals. We have to follow a strict pattern, a set of rules and laws, and play the role society designed for us. We are taught that our choices don’t matter, that at best we are insignificant, and at worst we are invisible, shadowy figures wandering around a desolate landscape filled with rigid concrete boxes and bleak lights shivering in the night. I guess that what I’m really trying to say is that our freedom is limited only by what we believe to be the perception others have about us. ” – Jazz

I’m not an overly ambitious man. I’m not particularly good at most things. I’m rather a pessimist, who happens to have a few moments of idealism. I think I’m too small to change the world around me, and yet this doesn’t stop me from trying.

And I see this kind of thinking all around me. People waiting for someone else to change the world because they feel they’re not strong enough. A lot of people don’t want to make their voices heard, because they fear their voices won’t be enough.

That’s a big, big mistake.

You see, as much as I’m a pessimist, as much as I consider myself to be unlucky and badly equipped to go through this world, I know that words can conquer the world. If it need be, words could write a new world into existence.

This is not about stories and art, this is about being brave enough to write about what you’d like to see changed in the world. What’s the one thing you really hate about your environment? What’s so stringent and painful you simply can’t stand it anymore?

Making a stand is not about being powerful enough to make a change. It’s about being brave enough to say what you want to say.

We constantly fight against change. We despise what the word implies so, so much, and yet we all dream about changing who we are, about becoming the best possible version of ourselves. We dream about changing the world, and yet, we fear change.

The hell you grew up in is a lot more comfortable than the uncertainty of change. Its chaotic nature, for which there’s no cure, is the only things that’s standing between us and the world we dream about.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”Gandhi

I don’t want you to read these words and tell me how they inspire you. I don’t want for tomorrow to come and be exactly the same as the previous thousand tomorrows you’ve eagerly waited for and discarded as soon as you woke up.

I want you to fight an impossible battle. Pick one at random if you must. I want you to write about one thing you’d like to see changed about you, the people around you, or the world around you. Even if, like I said, it seems impossible for you to change something, even if you’re absolutely certain no one’s going to even bother to read your words, let alone care, I want you to do this.

Because this is how this blog got started: with a bitter guy who felt too small in a big, big world, and who didn’t want to give up even if he was damn sure no one would care about what he wanted to say.


  1. As a guy of modest ability, I have now ended up with the ability to do what I want. I have writing credits, I have games testing credits, I have political and financial kudos that I never thought I would ever gain. And I have been encouraged to seek more by the greater and better.



  2. OOOOOOOOOO….. I could feel a little bit of “tone” with this article.

    Stern, powerful, with a bit of compassion.

    Thank you for posting this one.



  3. What an incredible quote. Thanks Cristian, that’s lightened up my day by 1110 watts. And the article was very interesting as well and very close to what I believe in.

    Which is: nobody has the right to tell you – as a separate organism, an individual entity, a functioning human – what to do.

    And when I mean nobody, I include family.

    When I said to them ten years ago that I wanted to be a writer, the first thing they said was: ‘But how are you going to support yourself? Isn’t that rather silly. Why not keep it as a hobby? What about your career? Have you thought this through!’ – Or words to that effect.

    Insulting to say the least, don’t you think?

    Ten years later, and I’ve had a bit of success writing – a few things published and I’ve won a few short story competitions. I’ve hardly earned any money from it but that’s OK, as I teach English language as and when I need to.

    I now live in France and am currently taking a year out to write a novel on a farmhouse. I’m very lucky and I love what I do. Next year I’m moving to Bordeaux to do a bit of teaching work so I can finish my novel. The year after, who knows? That’s the way my life is now. I rarely have much money, I own no property, and have very little possessions. And I won’t change it.

    My point is: if I had listened to my family, I’d have probably been a full time teacher living in metropolitan England with a pension and a salary. Not a bad thing for sure, but not the life Philip Ogley wants to live.


    1. Great choice Philip, I can only imagine the amazing experience you have going through all this, doing what gives you joy and fulfillment. i think you came across a great decision, choosing to do what you are passionate about instead of being like majority working and saving for the future, living the life at present this is what i call life. your story is inspiring! :)


  4. I’m a flight attendant & self-proclaimed mountain-mover. I’ve been flying for a little over a year now. I loved from Dan Diego to Philadelphia. I’ve noticed that my environment is starting to have a real impacting my attitude, my health & my impact on those around me. I’m a positive person & have been told that I’m an inspiration, but I don’t feel very inspiring lately. I notice cynicism… And I’m almost left thinking “that’s the way things have to be.” New flight attendants are on a tight budget, so, living situations & eating habits can be restricted to “less than ideal.” I want to change this. Transform this. I want flight attendants to live a healthy lifestyle, both physically & mentally. I want us to have access to healthier foods, more activities & better living all around. Rather than having a reputation for complaining, I want us to have a positive impact on passengers & people around us.


  5. sometimes we have ideas that somehow we want to use to change the world and make a statement but the question is are we brave enough or do we or you have the courage to do so? “Life is but a dream” and “Life is but a question”


  6. “I don’t want you to read these words and tell me how they inspire you. I don’t want for tomorrow to come and be exactly the same as the previous thousand tomorrows you’ve eagerly waited for and discarded as soon as you woke up.” YEEESSSS-definitely reblogging this….loooooove it


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