irevuo needs your help

logo_bigToday I spent almost all day searching the web for all kinds of graphic artists and illustrators and so on. And I e-mailed them and asked them if they’d like for their works to be featured on irevuo. It might sound boring, but it was far from boring.

Actually I got to see a lot of cool stuff, and it simply got me wondering why so much talent goes unseen. You know, when you see a beautiful work of art and you just want to tell everyone about it, because you feel it’s so good it deserves to be seen by everyone. Experienced, felt by everyone.

Sadly, this isn’t a battle I can fight on my own. I need your help. Together we can turn irevuo into a really cool website, one that’s going to promote indie artists of all types. But in order to do that, there’s a goal we need to reach. We need the funds to make it all possible. We need to buy all the software and templates and layouts required in order to create the magazine. We need proper hardware, and we need it as soon as possible.

irevuo needs your help. I need your help. If you want to help us out, you can do so herePerks start as low as $10. And there are many other great options as well.


3 thoughts on “irevuo needs your help

  1. Sounds like a good idea. There certainly is a lot of wonderful talent out there and it is a marvellous opportunity to present it to the rest of us.


  2. Thanks for the reminder about this site. Sadly it had slipped my mind. I shared this on FB and hope it generates some help. As I was browsing through the site, I was inspired by so many different outlooks, opinions, thoughts, dreams. Gave me goosebumps. It was pretty cool! : ) Thank you!


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