Review: Ascension Denied

EPSON MFP image“Welcome to your afterlife, we wish you the very best of luck.”

Ascension Denied is E.A.A. Wilson’s debut novel, set for release in October 2014. I was lucky enough to read the novel now, and what can I say? It’s something.

The story of Alice Shepherd, or should I say, the story of her afterlife, Ascension Denied has the right dosage of humor to make something as serious as death and the afterlife a lot less frightening. Of course, they do say that the most serious issues can only be told in the form of jokes.

But strangely enough the humor of the whole situation is given by how the afterlife resembles real life; how things are different and yet the same. Some might see this as ridiculous, but plausible nonetheless. Or at least funny. But this novel is so much more than that… what I liked most is the fact that, to me, shows how Alice fights to fulfill her destiny in the afterlife. What she failed to do in life, she tries to accomplish in death.

In a bureaucratic and corrupt afterlife, Alice is still the master of her soul.


Following a childhood in Norway, E. A. A. Wilson returned to her native England to study Criminology and Journalism, reigniting an old passion for writing about the odd and unusual. Instead of indulging her passion, however, she made the sensible choice to nurture a sensible career in a sensible business. She became deft at filling in many forms and producing numerous reports, most of which have been filed away securely and will never be seen again.

After nearly a decade of sharpening pencils and resolving printer jams, E. A. A. Wilson discovered that she was, in fact, a writer imprisoned in a bureaucrat’s body. She left her purgatory to pursue her dreams.

In 2011 she settled in Florida with her husband Matt and baby daughter Olivia, and immediately started writing. She has penned several short stories and essays under the collection The Foible, co-authored Humbug: An Ebenezer Scrooge Mystery (Simon & Schuster Gallery), is an ordained minister and a student of metaphysics.

Ascension Denied is E. A. A. Wilson’s first novel.

You can find her website hereher blog here, and her Facebook page here.


8 thoughts on “Review: Ascension Denied

  1. Very interesting. I’m not sure what awaits me in the afterlife, but I also hope that I will be the “master of my soul” and right the things that I’ve done wrong. If there is a “middle ground” between heaven and hell, like purgatory, then that gives me some comfort in knowing it’s not a one way trip either way. Of course, the opinion on the afterlife will be very different depending on who you ask and their religious/non religious affiliation.


    • You’re right, the opinions on the afterlife are complex and varying. But although there are hundreds and hundreds of myths and dogmatic recipes on what the afterlife is like, you’ll find that they all agree on some core things: the immortality of the soul, the ability of the soul to connect with the creating source, whatever it may be, and the power of the individual to choose how to use it. You are truly the master of your soul, Zotzotzotblogger. Right now and in the hereafter. You are a powerful, good, co-creating being who is learning through mistakes like the rest of us. Life is an adventure, and I wrote the book because the adventure continues on the other side.

      I hope you have a chance to read the book when it’s out this fall! :)

      E. A. A. Wilson


    • Brilliant, thanks truantone! I really hope you like it! It’s had some rave reviews and some dodgy ones – the subject material is a little off the beaten path of mass market storytelling, but if your mind is open and you like adventure, you’re brave and curious and you like looking at the world a little sideways, this is the book for you. Having read some of your poetry I think you’ll be fine! Looks like we think in the same way… ;)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Certainly a book for me. Have it on the list for my next library visit, though they’re not exactly well-stocked. My paranoia prevents me from acquiring writing in any other manner other than bound paper. Get back to you if I read it. Thanks again.


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