To most of us this simple word means much more than just the muscle that keeps us alive. It defines our ability to feel, to love, to care, to suffer deeply, to evolve, to fight on… it is the source of all our power, our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.

To me the word implies all that is good and bad and wonderful and frightening in a human being. It’s the essence of who we are, the inexorable truth of the human condition. Found in the center of what we call one’s soul, the heart is the passion we are capable of mustering, is the strength that we are capable of summoning, the ability to love…

Heart is where your true self lives. Heart is what you put into this world without expecting anything in return. Heart is what makes you unique, what makes you capable of all the greatness that you once thought was reserved for others.


14 thoughts on “heart?

  1. Truly agree with you…Heart is not just an organ or a muscle…It speaks of who we are..Like they say your heart shows in your eyes…A peaceful happy heart will have the same reflected through eyes…It the one power that makes human love despite pain, suffering and sacrifices…it keeps loving


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