Writing can heal

writing_healing“Writing eases my suffering . . . writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence.”  – Gao Xingian

Have you ever asked yourself why is it that people write? Why is it that they feel this urge?

Perhaps they do so because they don’t want to forget. Or maybe because they write differently from what they think, and only in writing do they find the freedom they so desperately need.

When something that happened to you gets translated into words, it’s easier to forget that it even happened. Pain gets altered into something else, into a story that might bring comfort to another human being.

Suffering becomes a message, one that will travel down the sinuous river of time until it reaches the right person at the right time.

I’ve been writing for more than 10 years now. And I wrote for all the reasons that you can possibly think of. I wrote because I was alone. I tried to make loneliness mean something by creating stories. And it made my loneliness much more bearable. I could confront my true self, I could regain just enough help to wake up the following morning with the desire to live on.

Writing is like fighting a different kind of battle. Words can heal people, and they can also break them. They can shatter dreams, create delicate illusions, offer an ideal to those who badly need it.

I spent two years writing because there was nothing else for me to do. I spent those years hiding from the world. I was poor, sick, and alone. I was afraid.

I was a broken man. I couldn’t stare people in the eyes, I couldn’t really tell them how I felt.

But every night I would write. And I was free, and I was careless, and I was not alone.

I could dance, I could sing, I could paint. In my stories, I could do anything that I wished to do. Even though I was afraid of the world outside my window, the one inside my head became a place where extraordinary things could happen.

And this gives you hope. Art gives you hope.

When you write, nothing else really matters. If you’re a real artist, it shouldn’t matter. Not what’s going to happen to your work of art after you finish it, not even what’s going to happen to you after that.

The job of a creator is a lonely job indeed, because by creating something out of nothing, you’re denying your own existence. You shift your perspective so much that you focus only on what you’re doing. You’re so busy building a new world that the real one becomes a mere echo inside your head. Your own voice, your own soul seem to dissolve into this brave new world you’re creating.

Writing healed me. All the stories I wrote gave me confidence. All the people that have read my stories, that were so kind as to tell me that my words meant  something… all that gave me courage.

Writing teaches you that you only need courage to create the world you want. You want it, and you do it. A blank page is a world of endless possibilities, all of which are under your control.

The saddest illusion of our time is that we alone are in control of our destinies. Not true. A million other factors control our destinies. Accidents, coincidences, and other people. Things we take for granted or things we lost but never regained.

Have you ever loved someone who didn’t love you back?

That’s what I’m talking about.

You make life happen, but life also makes you happen. It’s all a complex mechanism, and we can never survive all by ourselves. It all works together, somehow…

But when you write, that’s when you don’t need someone else. When you write, your audience, your target audience, the people you want to influence, all that’s just nonsense. Because when you write, and if you do it right, you can’t think of anything else but the world you’re creating.

There’s no time, no energy, to think of anything else.

Nothing else really matters.


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77 thoughts on “Writing can heal

  1. Dorothy Parker said she hated writing but loved “having written.” I don’t feel that way. Yes, I love others’ responses and praise. But like you, Cristian, I love the writing itself, love the adventure, the self-expression, and most important of all, the self-understanding (good AND bad) that comes from it. Write on, brother!


  2. Cristian, I could say many things but I don’t even have all the words to say them right now. Much of what you say resonates with me. Writing has provide me with a way to express emotion and release my thoughts. Knowing others have been where I have been, provides reassurance. You are not alone. You exhibit much strength and I admire you for that. Thank you for sharing, :) -Jacqueline


  3. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I agree. Writing is more than words. It is the unspoken, it is the feelings we struggle with, it is hopes, failures, and accomplishment. Wonderful post here.


  4. Fortunately, blogging has allowed so many people to be able to reach out to others through the web. Tools such as WordPress are a godsend to those who do indeed feel lonely as writers, people who just want to reach out to others. After all, I believe that at the heart of writing is the desire to share an idea. Why write if you cannot share? Sometimes writing might just be mere catharsis, and I certainly write more than I share in my own blog.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I agree that writing can be a lonely process, but fortunately we have the tools to connect to so many others through writing. Happy blogging!


  5. Writing has been so freeing for me. When I have time and space I just write and write and write. But I also find that when I’m the busiest, is when I get hit with the most inspiration – it’s an escape from the everyday stresses, I guess.

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  6. I could not agree more with all of you guys! Writing is also my stress reliever. Although, I am not very skilled in this field, it does not stop me from composing. I too feel free, it’s as if I am in control of everything; always the winner! X


  7. That is the right way to describe doing blogs nowadays. Even when I started myself, it feels right to get stuff out of your chest and write it down, it makes you fee better afterwards. Keep up the good work.


  8. I’m sorry to hear that you have been through so many hardships, my friend. But I am glad to hear that writing has been with you through it all. I always love reading your blog, please never stop writing! Hope your day is going well :)


  9. Writing is a labour of love I have alongside music (guitar and bass), and a means for me to work at something other than work, and trivial useless boring things like rotting my brain in front of reality TV or Facebook for hours per night. *logs back in*


  10. Absolutely beautifully said. I have had some bad, some really really down and broken points in my life and the only thing that kept me ‘here’ in this world was writing. I was never brave enough, however, to share my words with others. But just seeing them on the screen brought a few moments of peace.


  11. It was really good, I can relate to what you’ve written here, and now you inspired me to write some more. Thank you for that!!! Have a nice day or night!
    P.S. Just as a small remark, the name of the man who said the quote is Gao Xingjian, you forgot to put the “j” letter :P


  12. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling recently and appreciate that you were able to translate this feeling into a beautiful story. I have never felt the urge to write creatively until now, as I’m dealing with a loss and needing some way to cope. I’m not sure if I’m writing so that as you say, it becomes easier to forget. Or perhaps because it’s the only way to truly work out how I’m feeling. Either way, I appreciate your piece and hope you never stop writing. I know you don’t need to write for anyone else, but I hope you know that one day each piece you have written will reach someone exactly when they needed it most.


  13. Wow that is exactly why I started writing in the first place! I love it, and to be honest I never really thought I could do it. I used to write a little here and there in high school, but that was so long ago. I picked it up again, in an effort to create a release for my mind. I love it, and I will continue to do it as long as the words keep flowing.


  14. First of all “Salut!” from a fellow Romanian! I do believe writing is a very good way to express yourself and to express your creativity. Whatever piece of art you are making it will make you live forever! :) Mult succes!


  15. This is so lovely. So well written. I always appreciate when a writer writes in such away that even a long article, piece, post is a breeze to read.

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said, speaking as a person who turned to writing as a creative and emotional outlet in their childhood (though I realize I may still be in my childhood). :)

    xxo Carly


  16. Well, I certainly agree with you and all of the comments above. I’ve just started writing and blogging. Somehow, the experience is soothing and healing, although my biggest problem is merely a faulty golf swing!


  17. It’s so crazy how finding your blog and living words almost perfectly describes why I began mine a few days ago. I new that I had to begin to heal and decided to take action with a blog. It’s definitely no coincidence that we crossed paths. Now my one of my drafts can live…


  18. I believe that there is a lot of truth to this post. Thank you for sharing.

    I write because it gives me a chance to change my past – in a manner of speaking. I go through life thinking and feeling a great many things – but even when a situation calls for me to speak openly and honestly – time and again I keep my mouth closed or moderate what I say to someone. I often think back on the things I could have said, should have said … and writing helps me to say them. Gets those words and sentiments out of my mind and into the world.

    At least in my writing I can say all the things I was never able to say out loud, and let go of those past burdens.


  19. Cristian, I can’t tell you how much this post resonated with me. I have been writing for about seven years now and I totally agree that when you’re writing, you don’t have the energy or time to think about your audience or anything else. When you start thinking about whether or not people will like what you write, you stop writing the truth. Writing liberates me because I write what I have never shared with anyone else.


  20. Beautiful insights and so true that writing, along with dancing, singing, art is such a blissfully creative outlet and provides a portal to the soul… I’m a little puzzled as to your reference, “… by creating something out of nothing, you’re denying your own existence.” Yet the quote you offer by Gao Xingian says the opposite.
    Perhaps instead of “denial” there’s a shifting of existence from the so-called real world to a brave new world.

    Thanks for writing such a challenging blog post!


  21. I’ve been writing for more than 10 years now. And I wrote for all the reasons that you can possibly think of. I wrote because I was alone. I tried to make loneliness mean something by creating stories. And it made my loneliness much more bearable. I could confront my true self, I could regain just enough help to wake up the following morning with the desire to live on.

    relate much… :))) Have you ever tried to love someone who didn’t love you back?-this… it hits me.. in writing, I can express myself freely.
    being a soul writer like you influenced me a lot to never stop on writing.


  22. writing is definitely healing me. And I understand the loneliness of an artist. But I can’t give up art. I’ve spent all my life to art. And my passion is still burning


  23. I really enjoyed this piece, especially the line, “You make life happen, but life also makes you happen.” That rings so true to my experience. To choose what I create, and to choose how I respond to what happens (not all of which is necessarily set in motion by me … ) those are the two huge “fields of choice” I recognize in my life.

    I also dropped by to thank you for your follow of Heart of Life Music, I really appreciate it.

    I wish you much more fulfillment in writing, blogging, and life!


  24. I agree that writing can heal. I spent a good year writing constantly because I was at odds with myself and wanted to express myself. I do not write as much now but still when I do, I feel the effects of writing just as strong.


  25. What powerful writing. I relate. I write sometimes to purge. To empty out my soul. Sometimes about pain, sometimes about joy. Sometimes I need to make room in my brain for other thoughts. I learned writing to God saved me from a possible depression years ago when I got very sad call from someone I loved very much. Normally that call would have put me in bed for months, depressed and sad. I sat at my computer and wrote my feelings and desires for that person. I talked to God with one keystroke at a time. The next morning I read what i had written. I was amazed at the wisdom in that letter. I felt I had channeled God. Really! I made a copy and sent it to the person I had talked too the night before. He called me crying and said the letter helped him. He carries the letter with him to this day. That experience showed me how power writing can be. I will be blogging about it in a future blog. I am old as dirt and thought my life had no real purpose anymore. I have been blogging for about two weeks and have found a purpose for a white haired old lady.


  26. This is such a great post! Writing can do so many wonderful things to you its amazing. Writing saved me and put me on the path I’m meant to be. Words have the power to create a world inside your head as well as change the world outside. Thank you for this beautiful post.


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