Blogging week: social media

Today’s post is dedicated to blogging and social media. You know, how to turn your blog into a sort of central hub, from where you can direct your followers to your social media accounts.

Your blog is your mothership

Whether you use your blog as an online portfolio or you’re a self-published author in search for an audience, building connections and interacting with fans, your blog should be your mothership – the one place where readers can always come back for more. But you also need to make use of the enormous potential that social media holds. Each platform has its own appeals – Tumblr, Pininterest, Facebook, Twitter. You can engage your audience in different ways and offer them exclusive content.

First, use Publicize

Go to your Dashboard – Settings – Sharing. There you’ll find a bunch of options that enable you to automatically share posts to your social media accounts, namely Facebook (either on your profile or fan page), Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.


When shared on Facebook, posts will feature your title, a photo (if you used any) and a short teaser.

When you write a new post, on the right hand side, you have a Publicize option. If you click edit, you can choose on which accounts to share the post, and you can also write a custom message that will appear on Twitter along with a shortened link.

Then, add sharing buttons.

In Sharing Settings you’ll also see something called Sharing Buttons. This allows you to enable people to share your posts via a number of social media outlets. Add them all. I see a lot of blogs that don’t do this. There’s no reason not to. You can customize how the buttons appear (Icons, text, official buttons, etc.) and where you want those buttons to appear (posts, pages, media, front page, etc.)

Let me tell you why I say that it’s a bad idea not to allow sharing on all social platforms. My posts have been shared mostly on Twitter and Facebook, but maybe surprisingly Pininterest comes third, followed closely by Tumblr. Indeed, the amount of shares on these two outlets equals the amount of shares on Facebook, but it’s still a pretty big number, which means added exposure. Then, Google+. LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and the other platforms have roughly the same number of shares. So there’s a lot to gain here in terms of traffic and exposure.

Even the old, old e-mail button is doing okay.

By following these two steps you’ll ensure that all your followers get the chance to see your new blog post, while also allowing them to share the post with their own followers and friends. It’s common sense, I know, but it’s not something to be omitted.

Social media represents a huge chunk of what is the Internet, and at least in my case traffic generated by social media has constantly outperformed that generated by search engines.

That’s all folks. Let me know in the comments about your own experiences with social media and stuff.


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