Why do we fall?

falling“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’m almost twenty four years old. A fragile age indeed; I have yet to conquer all the good and the bad that life can throw at me. But I’ve seen things, I’ve done things. Scars have been inflicted upon my body and soul. I’ve kept secrets, I’ve nurtured bizarre dreams and fantasies until they became demons. I’ve lost more battles than I can count…

And I’ve fallen… time and time again…

And yet… it’s not the fall that breaks most people. It’s the fear that they’ll never rise up again.

We fall because we need to see how far we can go. Only by testing our limits do we reach beyond them, only by fighting a lot of impossible battles do we defeat insurmountable odds.

Experience is a long list of failures. One defeat at a time, we survive, we fight on, we become better, faster, and stronger. We evolve.

We fall and we pick ourselves up. We fall again, with more grace than we previously thought possible. We learn, yet we never become perfect. If you live your life just the way you want to, without taking silly precautions, you will fall. Again and again and again.

And never fall into the trap that you’ll reach a stage in your life when things will be different. If you take risks, if you push yourself, if you want more, you’ll fall.


Because venturing into the unknown is the riskiest business there is.

And never make the mistake of taking things for granted. Things change. People change. You change. Everything changes. So keep moving… never, ever stop. Don’t give up, don’t run away when it hurts.

There is only one final defeat in life.

Don’t hold on to the past, don’t wallow yourself in a future filled with crazy promises. Live in the present, be aware of your surroundings and exploit them the best you can.

The campaign failed to reach its goal. I have failed. I spent some time thinking about whether or not I’ll ever become the writer I always dreamed of becoming. If I will ever reach the stars that I have always kept my eyes on.

It wasn’t the fall that make me feel this way, but rather the fear that I will never pick myself up to try one more time. Just one more time… before I give up on this unrealistic dream.

So this is one of life’s toughest lessons. We have to try. If we don’t try, we fail by default.

One more try. One more go.

You never know.

If you want to help me reach my goal for this month (and the next), if you want me to keep on writing, if you enjoy what you read, if you think that I deserve to keep blogging, if you believe that my novel should get launched this year… properly edited and all that…

If you believe in all that… you can contribute any amount you see fit here. There are no special perks to the campaign, but anyone who contributes at least $50 will have a blog post reblogged on this website and will be featured as sponsor for the entire month of December.

Thank you all for all your help, support, comments, and for believing in me,



15 thoughts on “Why do we fall?

  1. PS: I am 24, soon to be 25, and thinking much the same way, as my life has not turned out all of what I have wished and hoped it would be. However, God is healing and changing me day by day. I pray He has done and is doing the same for you. God Bless!


  2. You are extremely insightful and courageous no matter your age. I cannot believe that you would give up on pursuing your dreams and goals. A fall, stumble, setback, test or trial, will make the desired outcome that much more satisfying when it is achieved. As Hubbard said, “There is no failure except in no longer trying.”


  3. You have a gift. Your words go straight to the soul and heart of your readers. Regardless of the many times you fall, what only matters is what comes (and what you become) next. Keep writing, Cristian. There is a promise –lots of them–you can hold on to. God has plans to prosper you (Jeremiah 29:11) is one of them. Hold on. :)


  4. he is speaking in terms of how we, as humans are very much just children playing grown-up roles (in one sense) and that “there’s nothing to learn from advice”, as we need to experience certain failures to know what we are capable of overcoming .. he also says “every mistake is really worth a try”, as if to say that if there was no loss or no falling, failing, near death (in his and many others’ case) that we would never reach the potential within each of us. I hold these concepts close as I have been fearful of the “climb” in many situations because I know what the fall can do to ppl.
    just somethings I’ve grown to try and abide by … RS


  5. Nice thoughtful read Christian. Just finished a short article that touched on this idea too, “the high dive.” I enjoyed your words and authenticity. We all suffer-what we do with it is what matters- just as you eluded to. Cheers. Michsel


  6. I’m 24. It’s not so bad as an age, though I wouldn’t want it this bumpy given a redo. Of course, it’s the bumpiness that makes us strong, makes us kind, makes us gentle— but could we become strong, kind, gentle without so much heartache?

    I know what it is to stare at the abyss, knowing that to fail one more time may be the last chance at my dream. For me, it is engineering. I’ve been here so many times, sometimes I wonder if success is actually attainable. But somehow, whether by hope or shear stupidity, I press on, however weakly.

    Should you fail at making a living as a writer, you are not a failure. I have to tell myself this as well— the crash and burn does not make me a failure. Yet, after so many crashes and burns, sometimes I think it’s a lie. Likely you struggle with the same doubts. And yet, we again and again attempt the skies.

    You are a writer, dream or not, whether you do it as your income or not. It’s your heart, your mind, your soul. Nothing can take that from you.

    Whatever happens, don’t stop. Your writing has been an encouragement to me many, many times.

    Thank you.


  7. “The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”

    Oh man—I’ve experienced something like that too many times.  And worse.  Fitzgerald never experienced what I’ve experienced… We all suffer in our own different ways.  Just, must try to distance oneself from that position as much as possible.


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