When the going gets tough…

If you’ve been following this blog for a few months, you probably know that I’ve been struggling. Trying to obtain much needed funding for my projects and novels. But also trying to make ends meet. You know, there’s nothing romantic in wondering whether or not you’re going to eat the next day.

Yet I tried my best. I wrote and wrote, and I blogged, and I launched a website even though I couldn’t even afford to pay for a domain…

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I should give up. If I’m actually not good enough. But I’ve always liked inspiring people, no matter how I felt about myself or my life. The truth is, I really am a deeply unhappy person. I’m just trying to make everyone else feel better than I do. I’ve always done that.

I just want to do what I love… don’t know. I’m kind of lost for words after one week and 6 dollars raised in the campaign.

Two websites and two novels depend on you. My future depends on you. This blog… my career. Two and a half years of work…

I can’t even describe how frustrating all this has become. How impossible it all seems. It’s all going from bad to worse.

There’s really nothing else to say.

If you want to help me out, if you really do want that, you can contribute any amount you see fit here. There are plenty of perks at affordable prices.

Once again, thank you for giving me the chance to fight for my dream,



19 thoughts on “When the going gets tough…

  1. Cristian, sorry you are going through this! Many times we don’t understand why we are faced with difficult challenges, but you are making a difference and your work matters!
    All the best to you. :)


  2. this was really inspiring and so true. I created a blog to see if I could make money off of in the future because I love to write and if can get paid to write and blog in the comfort of my own house even better. Keep doing what you are doing and you will get success


  3. Hi Christian, I really wanted to buy your book Dream City but I really didn’t want to join yet another payment site. Is there any reason why you’re not on Amazon.com? I’ve bought many new author’s books from their tweets and blogs on Amazon. Can you help me understand the allure of ShopLocket? Cheers.


  4. All writers have doubts about their talent yet some persist and others give up. Those that persisted will go on to have great careers or not, but they will always have the satisfaction of having tried. Those that gave up will live comfortable lives and even succeed at other things but they will always wonder “What If?”

    Good Luck
    Jose from Clarkston, Michigan


  5. Hi Cristian. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling, I have been there too. You’re such an amazing writer and I’d hate to lose the opportunity of getting to know your work. I’ve made a contribution and I hope it helps!


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