Independent writers and entrepreneurs share the same road

Being an independent writer is very similar to being an entrepreneur. No one is there to help you succeed. You only have yourself and your skillset to make it in this cruel world. Cristian has been working on his novel for over 2 years without knowing if it will be a success or not. His dedication and unwillingness to give up is what will ultimately bring him success. Soldiering on and doing what you believe is the single most powerful ingredient in succeeding in what you do. Writing for the love of writing is akin to entrepreneurs who struggle to set up a business for years without getting paid because they love to build businesses and help bring value to people. Becoming a self-made business man can share a similar path to becoming a self-published novelist. The road isn’t an easy road to travel, but the getting to the destination is sweeter than anything in this world.

Independent writers are comparable to entrepreneurs in that writers just want to get their words to the reader while entrepreneurs want to get their products or services to the end user. One aspect that they differ is that writers are romanticized as struggling artists while entrepreneurs often get vilified because they are seen as money hungry individuals who only want to make a profit. This is a misconception that gets portrayed in books, television show, magazines, etc. “Most entrepreneurs want to make the world a better place with their inventions, services, and businesses” said businessman Nasir Shakouri.

As an entrepreneur, Nasir Shakouri understands the grueling schedule of working for oneself. Nasir has started many businesses in his short career as an entrepreneur and has used many marketing techniques to get his business featured. Targeting interview websites like Entrepreneurship Interviews and allows creators to connect with people that are interested in the inner workings of building your own business, brand, or even a novel. Nasir Shakouri has thrived connecting with bloggers from all around the world to get his message across and this can also help independent writers. Setting up your own blog, like Cristian, can also help you gain an audience that follows your work. Nasir currently writes an inspirational and motivational blog at to keep motivated and to help other self-made individuals. Utilizing social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin is also a very good method that independent writers can use to get their message across to the public. You can reach Nasir Shakouri at his Linkedin page or follow his edits on his Wikipedia page.


13 thoughts on “Independent writers and entrepreneurs share the same road

  1. I would love to be a successful writer. I would really like to be a professional Blogger. I know it’s going to be hard work, but I am determind. I want to make money doing something I am passionate about.


  2. A good insight and helpful to keep in mind. Not many writers or authors probably start off with that mindset, thinking that their only responsibility is to just keep writing stuff and hope for the best. If you are working at being a professional writer then you are ultimately building a brand around your product – which is everything you write and intend to publish.

    As an entrepreneur though, I try not to think of it as a cruel world against me. If it were only my skill set against all odds and with no support, I’d probably be more liable to give up early on. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but it probably helps to know that there are tons of folks who can help you get there if you’re ever struggling.

    Thanks for the read.


  3. I see your parallel. Building a business, crafting a story, or doing anything of the sort that requires time-sunk without instant gratification or reward is a hard thing to do. It requires commitment, vulnerability, criticism and misunderstanding from friends and peers. It is a hard road, and you can’t know that you’ll find success at the end of the road. I look at other writers. Some of them only earned their dues posthumously, and I’m sure many more never at all. This is a possibility writers must contend with, and still the thrill of carting a good story, or possibly a thriving business will be as alluring as it ever was. If this is not the case, you may be one of the lucky few who make a living writing, but it’s possible that venture is not for you. Passion is what drives us insane, and makes the act an end in itself.

    ^^^what a load of garbage that was, eh? lol

    Thanks for the post! Really got the wheels turning.



  4. I am actually both an Independent Writer and entrepreneur. Both borne out of necessity and love following a change in circumstance last year. They both require lots of hard work and dedication as well as a huge degree of self-reliance and not minding too much when things don’t work out. I am finding that in both fields I am becoming noticed more and more though so far both combined provide a pitiful income.


  5. My position is that one should work as reward is automatic .Writers are entrepreneurs they may just not appear desperate to the public but apart from love for what with do there is always a motive and that motive is almost always financial gain


  6. One huge point you made is “because they love.” As a small business owner and aspiring writer, I know I could never be successful in either arenas without the love of it. Why would the entrepreneur or writer spend endless hours in pursuit of success if it did not fulfill a deeper need? Good post. Thank you for sharing.


  7. I’m also rowing the same boat as a writer. I’ve set up my own blog for about two years now. I’ve been writing with passion ever since its inception. I followed what my heart was telling me. Still I’m struggling. There are a few posts that get clicked and many being loved me many readers. Few of the articles get ignored.

    But I haven’t started earning money through my blog as of now. But one day surely I will. Writing for the love for writing is the driving force. It will take time but it will click someday in the future.

    I earn money by working as a Technical writer for a software company and I’ve been successful in that. But when you enter into the world of writing to set up your own blog, the scenario is completely different. There is only you who can help you. Believe in yourself!

    Wonderful article, Christian…


  8. I enjoyed this post. I’m like so many others who aspire to touch someone with the power of their words. I have been apprehensive about sharing with the world. This post suggests to upcoming writers to move forward and not give up. So many of us have great things to share. As Nike say, “Just Do It!”, should be the attitude to get out there and share with the world. Thanks for the inspiration.


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