words“Words are loneliness.”Henry Miller

You find yourself late at night in a quiet room. There’s no one around; no movement, no noise, nothing to break time into small pieces. You are alone. And you begin to type words on a computer. While the entire world seems to dream, you type away all the dreams you have stored up in your heart. Slowly, maybe even painfully at times, you write all those dreams into existence. They take a different form… not quite alive, but not as dead as they feel when they’re trapped inside your mind.

And, at the same time, the night feels less lonely. You feel less lonely. The darkness that’s smashing against your windows, it’s not bothering you anymore. You are alone. You dream alone. Yet, in solitude you find what most of us never really find… yourself.

You are free to roam through a world of infinite possibilities, a world of immense hope. You are not living in the present, or dreaming about the future, you are not being haunted by the past. It’s not this world you’re inhabiting, but you are building a new one. A world that could never exist, and you know it, yet you hope it might… someday.

There are a thousand voices inside your head, screaming to be heard, begging to be set free. It’s magic, and it’s a kind of magic only you can experience, because it wouldn’t make much sense to anyone else. It’s not pretty, it’s not easy or fast, it’s not even supposed to be.

Because that magic gets translated when your story finds a reader. And that’s when they see what magic is all about. Because, odds are that they are alone as well. If not, your story builds a barrier between them and the rest of the world. Yet they do not feel lonely.

In those moments, as the real world becomes but a shadow, two people are sharing the same dream, the same vision. They share more than we could ever hope to share with another human being. They share parts of their souls that we’d never allow anyone else to see.

That’s beauty like you’ll never experience it again. That’s magic, real magic… because only magic can make you feel like there’s someone else, out there, who dreams and thinks about the same things as you do, who sees the world in the same way, or asks the same questions.

And it all starts in an empty room, on a dark and lonely night.


17 comments on “Words

  1. rcarer says:

    beautifully expressed!!

  2. blackpelican says:

    Very moving its like your speaking aboute are these you’r own words

  3. Hopefully then you’ll have a computer with a quiet power supply fan, because that sounds like some heavy meditation going on over there.

  4. Great vision of what it means to be a writer.

  5. peetare says:

    Nice piece, and it’s relatable too.

  6. yes. all sorts of yes.

  7. ally1lakeside says:

    Very profound.

  8. soultryst says:

    I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.

  9. garethmoran says:

    I feel a strong affinity to your writing. Glad to see that magic is alive.

  10. qrparker says:

    So your saying books are a form of time travel.

  11. Will says:

    Good words. Your writing is free and flowing and easy to read.

  12. It’s amazing how every time you help us see things in a better light through your simple yet clear and beautiful writings. Love the ending. Love all of it.

  13. carlpeters says:

    What a brilliant depiction of the relationship between reader and writer! Love it.

  14. writertales says:

    You truly have a gift. I feel quite connected to this piece.

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