Fight on

When you feel there’s no hope, fight on. When you feel you’ve got nothing left, fight on. When you feel that life’s not fair, that all you want to do is crawl under your blanket and cry, fight on. Clench your teeth, fight the pain, fight the tears, the anger, the bitter remorse, because the only true thing about life is that it goes on. It keeps moving forward, impervious to your actions or pleas for help. Never give up, never retreat, always fight back. That’s action and reaction. Fight back. Don’t run away, don’t let yourself be paralyzed by fear. Fight.

That’s the only way you’re going to survive. Go all the way, no matter what. Believe you can, say it over and over again in your head until there’s no more room for fear or doubt. You can do it. Nothing’s truly impossible.

Fight on.

There’s no first place or second place in life. No rewards or diplomas. Just choices. And those choices will either echo throughout the ages or turn to dust the moment you die.


33 comments on “Fight on

  1. Life is life but it is our choices that shape our future. Yes Fight on and Never, Never, NEVER Give up Cristian and I will copy that! Shalom my friend :)

  2. I’ve been paralyzed by fear for many years now. I’ve grown tired of paralysis and have made the choice to fight through it. The fear will always be there, but the stronger your belief in yourself, the less control fear has on your actions.

  3. emailayesha says:

    This is beautiful! Cristian! Blessings.

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  4. Rachel Heu says:

    Truly inspirational :)

  5. alh387 says:

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. Beautiful. Thank you!

  6. You have excellent timing with this post. I definitely needed it today.

  7. Thank you …. I’m at this very point where support is needed….I’m ready to deal the pack the scheme of things I have endeavoured to make a good contribution….so far…and still here….hopefully 2015 will favour the arts..especially latecomers to its horizon. Happy New Year to all who pass this way.

  8. excellent reflection, Greetings

  9. captainmo08 says:

    We fight because life is worth it!
    Stand! Stand dear friend! I shall stand with you in my own battles.

  10. nursekelly says:

    Really resonated with me since I just started a blog…thank you

  11. Timely words as I’ll be attending the funerals of two young people that lost their fight with heroin. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Fight on should be the goal of everyone today. My wife and I know all about that phrase after everything we have been through in our seven years of marriage. Her dealing with lupus, which is one of many things she has to deal with, and my encouragement and her will to keep pushing, we don’t understand giving up and lying down. Being in the law enforcement field, definitely fight on is always the mentality I carry with me when on duty.

  13. very relatable. beautiful! :)

  14. mukeemurtaza says:

    I needed this !!!! Thanks. Bless you Cristian !!

  15. Reblogged. Motivation at its finest.

  16. johaladiditagain says:

    This is such an inspiration. :)

  17. Hassan Habib says:

    Thanks for this post!

  18. aishpandey says:

    Mihai, you are a fighter yourself! Keep it up! Best wishes!

  19. Afrolivia says:

    Thank you. I needed that today.

  20. hassang66 says:

    Thanks for these inspiring words.

  21. liph360 says:

    wow! Awesome! I believe we have to do much more than merely survive.

  22. justanotherdropinthesea says:

    beautifully said! :D Encouraging, strong!

  23. You are very inspirational, just 2 weeks ago I had a friend who wanted to end it all because of his challenges, we spoke through this today he lives on – and is now taking a road trip to enrich he’s life. YES we all have challenges, and sometimes we grow our most and discover so much in our darkest hours. Fight on ….. love it.

  24. mrsjoywitt says:

    Love, love, love! I’m fighting on. Blessings!

  25. angelamariacolonsilva says:

    Nice post !

  26. sisterdot56 says:


  27. iamit says:

    I like the frank thoughts, the conversational tone, and the call for a worthy action. I specially love this line:

    “Go all the way, no matter what. Believe you can, say it over and over again in your head until there’s no more room for fear or doubt. You can do it. Nothing’s truly impossible.

    Fight on.”

    Thanks for sharing Cristian! :)

  28. Jess says:

    Awesome!! Except I don’t think you have to fight the tears, they’re trying to help you. Cry them, feel the pain, then you can go on a little lighter, without carrying it all.

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