Everything I write acts as a sort of personal metaphor; I try to add a bit of myself in each and everyone of my stories. It’s probably the easiest way to add realism to a fictional world. And furthermore, I’m the one person I know best in the world, so to speak.

But it wasn’t always like that.In my younger years I use to dread writing about personal experiences, to such an extent that I didn’t write in the first person — people always try to establish a link between the narrator and the author.

But I figured out one thing (maybe I’m wrong): that whenever we read a story written by someone we know, it feels as if we don’t really know that person. Because there are parts we didn’t know about, parts kept hidden from us, maybe from everyone else.

So now I write about past experiences, frights, obsessions, and all that with the belief that I’m actually finding my voice — the one thing that makes writers unique. From a thematic point of view, there’s nothing new to write about. After all, there are what, five, six main themes in art? But still, people write. Because that personal touch is what makes each story unique.

I honestly believe that if we stick true to the things we hate or love or fear, to those experiences that had a lasting power of obsession over us, we can create wonderful art. Only by accepting who we are can we be able to change it in our stories. It’s like doing a bit of introspection; every time you sit at the desk and start typing, you’re also trying to find something that can’t be found; you’re searching for answers. Who am I? This is the most difficult of questions, and in our stories we’re closest to finding the answer.

That’s why I believe that it’s important for a writer to understand that writing has to be a free process — your mind has to be set free from all the restrains of modern day society. After all, art is either good or bad. No other way of categorizing it bears any relevance to the artist.


10 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. I have enjoyed reading your article and I agree that to write well we must escape our own egos. However, I do think that to be free from the restraints of modern society is at best unrealistic, and at worst detaches us from the context within which we write. I ask myself if we’d even be able to identify the boundaries of that context, in order to break free from it.

  2. I like it when you explain your writing. I think putting pieces of ourselves into our writing, is inevitable. I try to read and study history to make things sound authentic. I tend to be more of an essayist than an author of books. Jules Verne was a genius and so descriptive you could travel into another world with him, under the sea or into other worlds.

  3. When you read someone’s story they shouldn’t feel so familiar to you, so it is normal to get that vibe. No one reveals their true selves 100% of the time. However by reading their story, it brings a new development of charm you learn something new about a person’s mindset, and most importantly it brings a level of intrigue out of the readers. If you read something already knowing story it quickly becomes boring….

    Honestly writing about yourself is never really easy. Hell, I don’t really like it either(though I mostly hate talking about myself). Because a person constantly changes as years,months,weeks, even DAYS go by. Though this could also be part of the fun, the more your character you have, the more pages of interesting stories you can fill. LOL sorry for the ramble AND I HOPE YOU FIND YOUR UNIQUE VOICE!!!

  4. I think you make a great point here, in that we have to overcome the fear of letting ourselves be seen. We may be aware that writing about our experiences can help us find ourselves, but you’re right that many people don’t.

  5. I too have come to the realization that there is more to be gained from “owning” our experiences, than hiding or denying them, and it has certainly helped me connect better with my writing, with my readers, and with the world around me, because I’m not suppressing anything, I’m putting it out there, and so I have far more information to reflect on, get inspiration from, and more avenues to explore because I have done so. I hope you read a few of my Personal posts on my blog @ http://www.getresurgatized.com which are about owning everything that has happened to me, and everything I have done.

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