Four hundred and eight

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.” – Charles Chaplin

First of all, I’d like to than Jaden and Terry for their donations. We have reached a grand total of $408 raised.

As you probably know, on Monday I’ll be having surgery. About $450 is needed right now.

If anyone wants to help out, you can do so here.

The situation is urgent, thus this special offer: those of you who contribute $50 or more will also have a blog post reblogged; besides any perk you might select from the campaign page. As a bonus.

Once again, thank your for your support and help. It is much needed during these times.



12 thoughts on “Four hundred and eight

  1. Hey man, you’ve got to lighten up a little and use that beautiful mind of yours to create some love and joy in the world! Hang in there, look for four positive things in the world, in your life for every negative thing you run into. Seems to work even if we can only make it up to a 2:1 ration.


  2. what comes to mind, Rumi, his wonderings, you may need a mirror?
    We are all so alike! “Hope is a thing of feathers that perches on the soul” E. Dickenson you may know it, stay strong , trust, peace, I heard every word. Suzanne


  3. I say this is the nicest possible way but you need to get a job even if only for a few hours a week not for the money side of it but for the fact it will force you to get out and interact with more people, you look and sound depressed and isolating yourself with your thoughts and over analysing everything will do you no good what so ever. Even creative minds need to shut down occasionally you might see a couple of hours in a crap job as a waste but instead it gives the creative side of the brain time to rest while the observational side can take over, you cannot beat a little people watching, Your teeth can be fixed but if you keep walking towards the darkness that is far harder to find your way out of, I know I have been there, I was lucky I had family to light my way


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