Today I want to write about hope. I want to write about what I consider to be man’s greatest strength and greatest weakness.

Hope. They say that only hope can prove to be stronger than fear. I agree. Hope gives us the strength to endure the unbearable, to struggle against the impossible, to deny defeat. Hope allows us to find clarity and faith and courage when there’s only darkness.

Believe it or not, without hope… there is only darkness. Because even if you lost everything, if you still have hope, not everything’s lost. But lose hope, and everything’s lost.

I want to thank Wayne, Ken, Carla, Natty, Nathan, Patricia, and Joseph for their contributions to my campaign. It truly means a lot to me, and… I really want to thank you. That’s it. I’ve struggled with these issues for so long… it becomes unbearable at a certain point.

I never got a chance to explain exactly what is it that it’s wrong. I thought people didn’t want to know. I have some sort of calcium deficiency, and well… my teeth decay. There’s no other way to put it. The enamel decays, then… well it progresses until there’s not much left except the root. It happened with my upper teeth a few years ago, it’s happening now with the lower set of teeth. There’s nothing to be done to stop it.

Right now I can only eat on one side, but that’s not easy and it’s moderately painful.

The surgery I’m having Monday won’t fix everything, but it’s a big progress towards fixing this.

Of course, some of you may say that dental issues are not that serious. It’s not only about pain (and there’s lots and lots of that, a fact I had to get used to since I was in high school.) It’s also about the risk of running an infection that might spread throughout the body. Not to mention the difficulty of eating.

What did I do all these years?

I took a lot of painkillers. I worked. I wrote. I kept this blog alive by any means necessary.

Yes, I believed that I was fighting for something more important than my own health. This blog, my stories.

But the truth is that I’m scared. Right now… I’m scared. Or maybe I’m just now beginning to accept this as a fact. This blog is pretty much everything I have, and reaching out to you is the only thing I can do. Reaching out for help.

So far we have raised a total of $773 dollars. About a hundred more are needed for the surgery on Monday.

If you want to help me out, you can do so here.

Once again, thank you all for your support, for your contributions, for your comments and e-mails, and… well… for taking the time to read the stuff that I write. You give me hope. You always will.


10 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Lovely post! Hope is so important in life, when we feel the worst hope shows us how strong we really are. Good luck for your surgery, I would donate if I was in a position to. Hoping everything goes well :)


  2. “Believe it or not, without hope… there is only darkness. Because even if you lost everything, if you still have hope, not everything’s lost. But lose hope, and everything’s lost.” – I love this and very true. hadn’t thought about this in this sense before.


  3. Any surgery to do with your face is scary. I can relate, I had a massive jaw operation when I was younger. I wanted more than ever for the mental and physical pain my issue caused me to go away. The day of the operation I was terrified but it was worth it and it has changed my life. The scary things will always make us doubt, but it reminds us that we are alive and that lovely word ‘hope’ keeps us moving forward.

    Will have you in my thoughts over this time.


  4. Confirmation. The writer of Hebrews defines “Hope as the anchor of our soul”; Watchman Née defining the soul being comprised of our emotions, will and intellect.

    Heard a sermon quote today by Dr. Lance Wallnau that resonated with me as well…

    “The devil doesn’t have to take your faith IF he can short-circuit your HOPE. Hope sustains your ability to have FAITH”

    I’m so glad I stopped by & caught this post. Dental issues ARE major & I absolutely hope yours are resolved quickly without any additional trauma.

    You’re courageous. Take care…e


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