Artist showcase: Jennifer Murcia

jenniferWhen it comes to fashion there are two things that I always keep in mind when sketching: The human body is merely a canvas for what I want to express and always create something elegant that compliments the person wearing it. I think many people peg fashion as something that is unimportant and superficial, which isn’t true. A lot of today’s fashion gets a bad rap because designers create clothes and fashion shows that aren’t grounded in a realistic setting.

Tom Ford once stated that “dressing well is a form of good manners”, which I completely agree with. I feel that as a prospective fashion designer my job is to be “the tailor of the people”, to design something that compliments the human mind and body. I think that is why I gravitate towards designers such as Oscar de la Renta or Elie Saab that create ready gowns and ready to wear collections that are elegant and beautiful without being over the top.


Many of my fashion sketches are inspired by music ranging from OneRepublic, Woodkid, and even Kanye West. There’s something magical about listening to a song or entire album and feeling so connected to it that you have to react to it in your own creative way. This was much the case for my Woodkid collection or Native collection. While I don’t force the creative process with music I find that it does help and influence much of what I sketch. I like the whole creative process to be as organic as possible.


Bio: I was born and raised in San Francisco by a single mother who migrated from El Salvador back in the 1980s (during which time the country was entangled in a civil war). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Saint Mary’s College of California and recently finished my Masters in Marketing Communications from Golden Gate University. I have been a lifelong fan of all art forms, in particular fashion. I began sketching when I was thirteen as a hobby but it wasn’t until high school when I became friends with a fellow fashionista that I considered fashion as a career. Currently I work in the solar industry doing administrative work but hope to transition into fashion and start my own line. In my spare time I also enjoy volunteering for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention which works to prevent suicide and educate the public on mental health disorders. You can check more of my works here.


13 thoughts on “Artist showcase: Jennifer Murcia

  1. I like your designs – they all feel quite 70’s and vintage, especially in terms of colours and the long, flared trouser leg.
    Do you have an opinion on Lady Gaga’s sense of fashion? It seems more timid and classic now, but I mean her approach to style and creativity more than her Cheek to Cheek gowns.

    • Hi Madie_H…thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you like the designs. When it comes to Lady Gaga I’m a bit torn because while I like that she thinks outside the box (and tends to wear pieces that are more avant-garde) sometimes I feel that she goes overboard. Granted her persona as an artist is a bit “out there” but sometimes it would be refreshing to see her in something a bit more refined and less tacky.

  2. Great sketches!

    Remember, there are so many shapes to choose from when designing fashion. I am a seriously fashion-conscious woman, and am not overweight, but I am not overtall, either. (Read: I am short!) don’t forget about us shorties when you become a famous designer. :)

    • Hi Siouxsie! Thanks for the feedback. That’s definitely something I will keep in mind when working on my sketches. I suppose my inclination for the taller models comes from my deep seeded desire to be taller (I’m 4’11in tall).

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