Your dream

Whatever it is you want to do, make sure you give it your best. The world does little to reward those who don’t put in the effort required to pursue their dreams.

It’s your dream, your life, your chance. Take risks, try, fail, learn. And never, ever give up.

This is it. Simple, not easy.

But the again, I don’t remember anyone saying it was supposed to be easy.


  1. This is great Christian. It is funny I was just having this discussion with someone a few minutes prior to reading your blog and we were talking about how people want things to come to them easily. Everything in life requires some serious effort.


  2. It’s not easy, i agree. But I don’t see this as my dream, I see this as our life. I don’t see life as a dream. I win in my dreams. I don’t always win out here.


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