A new day…


A new day, a new beginning. It sounds cliche? Perhaps.

We are the sum total of our experiences. We are our past. We spend and awful amount of time worrying, analyzing, deconstructing the past.

But we should never do so at the expense of the present moment.

At the same time I believe that it is within our powers to become who we want to be. Just like that.

Like flipping a switch.

We can turn on the lights, breaking bad habits, irrational patterns of thought, worries and insecurities.

We can decide today to turn our lives around.

And yet…

We feel pressured to be what others want us to be. Old habits die hard, negative self talk and stress tend to ocupy our minds.

We don’t have the time to think about what exactly needs changed. We put our lives on fast forward, making each day as unremarkable as possible.

And one day we wake up…

And we regret. All the things we could have done, all the words left unsaid, all the dreams we stored in our hearts, all the people we hurt.

It seems we have enough time to do everything until there’s no more time left.

Day after day… one step after another. One word after another. One song after another. One drawing after another.

Each new day brings us a grand total of 24 hours. That’s what we get. More than that; it’s just hope.

If today would be your last day, would you do all the things you have already planned yesterday?


12 thoughts on “A new day…

  1. Good man-many people don’t realize the truth in your words.Please read my blog The Manufacture of Personal Reality-You would identify with it.There is also a link to a free ebook site where you can download the entire book,a book you could identify with.Thanks for your essay.


  2. Sounds like you ripped a page from my diary! I think of this all of the time. I try to balance these thoughts with “living in the moment” so that I’m not paralyzed by fear of ‘what if today is my last’ but you know what… I consider EVERY day a gift and I try to make the absolute most of it .

    Great Blog! Please stop by and visit mine ThemidnightBeauty.wordpress.com


  3. We have been conditioned to live for external validation, trying to meet others expectations, but all that really matters in the end if whether we are satisfied with ourselves.

    I don’t think it’s like flipping a switch, we can’t “reprogram” our brain instantly. Learning to live without regrets is like anything in life – requires persistent dedication!


  4. Love this philosophy on life. I have always believed that life is too short for too much analysing, and reliving. I am on a constant quest to ” live in the moment”. It is so hard to do, as we are always looking to the new thing. But I keep trying…


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