Friday Review: Love by Jin Okubo

CoverfrontLove is a story about soul mates, a story about destiny; one written by a man from the perspective of a man, which I find to be interesting.

Maybe it’s just me, but it always seemed to me that even though women are romantic by nature, it’s as if romance itself was created by men. It is men who crave for a love so perfect that there’s no room for doubt, it is men who are capable of going to extreme lengths in order to fight for their love. It is men who believe in their feelings until the very end.

Well written and thoroughly enjoyable, this novel tries to define the nature of love from the perspective of a man; the nature of change, that change that only happens once a man sees a better self in the eyes of the woman he loves.


“Little can be said about my youth being interesting as I grew up in a mildly racist country town in the Santa Barbara mountains I am hopeful that things have changed in the place where I was raised. Having grown up during the great migrant issues of California during the 80’s and 90’s I was able to experience some issues in receiving his higher education. The biggest part of my life was finding my self-identity which was never truly clear as a youth.

Upon finishing my university studies I moved to the beautiful country of Japan only to bounce back and forth between the U.S and Japan. Finally receiving my Japanese citizenship in the spring of 2014. My life has been filled with many strong women which is one of the contributing factors in my protagonists tending to be women.

I am a lover of classical literature and hope to bring in a new style of classical literature in the current age of fast paced easy to read cookie cutter style novels that are being pushed out in mass across the world. Choosing to stick to my own style of writing rather than write for easy to sell books has made me a difficult writer to get into, yet it is the joy of writing as to why I do things the way I do. There is always the temptation to write easy to digest books that are made to sell over books that are written for an experience and few writers have mastered both.  As I work to improve my craft I am inching my way ever closer to that perfect balance of books that will satisfy the modern reader and the reader who focuses more on content rather than face value to be released.

“I write to challenge my reader, as they stand up to the challenge they will love the characters more, they will understand the characters more” – Jin Okubo

You can find Love as a paperback or e-book on and Barnes and Noble.


5 thoughts on “Friday Review: Love by Jin Okubo

  1. A good review, however I must disagree with you: the notion of romance is very intricately wired into our nature as human beings. Whether one is a man or a woman- this factor is irrelevant. I believe not in gender influences with regard to such things.


  2. One of the reasons I lost my job at Greenpeace, recently, was that I had made a shirt which had said ‘Face The Climate Like A Man’, meaning that I was talking to men (regardless of their persuasion because they are still among the sex in control of gender politics, energy policy, and the government paradigms running this planet). Mind you, I never wore the shirt at work. As an artist and a writer and an intellect, I have no right to express myself in any succinct fashion other than from the point of view of being a man. I can assume what it means to be a human being from the point of view of women, but that is all I can do. As such, I have a right — if not an obligation — to speak to men.


  3. Lovely review on Love. We are all wired for connection. The more strongly connected we are emotionally the greater the mutual force. For me, love is about being seen, heard and appreciated. I will have to read this book too.


  4. Jin Okubo has a point. The plethora of books, magazines and literature in general, on the subject of love, is often (not always) from the perspective of the woman/female and the emotions are expressed from their viewpoint. In comparison, there are few expressions of heart-felt emotions from the male perspective. Although it stands to reason that men are not exempt from such deep emotion, it is refreshing to read about the emotions of yearning, pain and desires and to be reminded that men feel equally as deeply as their female counterparts. I look forward to reading his book.
    Thank you for drawing our attention to it Cristian.


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