Three years…

blogThree years ago I decided to start this blog and never give up. No matter what. Three years ago I took it upon myself to write books, finish them, and self-publish them on Amazon and other online outlets.

But the story isn’t as simple as that…

The story goes like this. I was born into a family of means. More or less. My parents worked in the restaurant business, and they did their best to spoil me. And I never experienced any financial difficulty until my first year at university. That’s when things changed. My father’s business went bankrupt, and I found myself surviving.

To say that it was frustrating would be an understatement. I isolated myself from the world. I thought the whole situation was unfair. Why did it have to happen to me? I thought it was unjust. And… yet… I didn’t do much about it.The whole situation felt hopeless beyond repair.

I tried self-publishing a novel in January 2011, but after selling four copies in four months I gave up. I had tried blogging, but after 3 posts and absolutely no kind of feedback I gave up on that too.

I spent a couple of months feeling even more depressed and hopeless than before. I was a failure. Everything around me enforced this belief. But then I found myself with my back against the wall. Simple as that. I had reached rock bottom. I had had enough of being afraid to go out of the house because it seemed that everyone was living a happier life than I. I was sick and tired of feeling worthless, feeling as if I had no purpose, no future, no hope.

And I took this simple decision: I’m going to write. I am going to blog. I am never, ever going to give up.

So I wrote. And I blogged. And, truth me told, even though this anger provided me with the juice I needed in order to write more than I ever did before, it also stopped me from enjoying all this.

Ultimately, blogging and writing started feeling like another stressful job. I became complacent with this idea, I took everything I had built for granted. Then… I began to think of myself as being unworthy. After all, I didn’t love what I do. Or, at least, that was what I thought about it.

But then a shift in the perspective came to me. I asked myself what was it that I wanted to do more than anything else in the world, and oddly enough, the answer came pretty easily. I want to inspire people. I want to offer them the chance to realize that their dreams can be achieved, that human potential is infinite.

We get what we want as long as we believe we deserve it.

That is is.

The equation for life.


42 thoughts on “Three years…

  1. I must let you know, you have inspired me. I always end up relating to your situations in some way and end up nodding my head in agreement. Thank you for staying strong and continuing to write. Keep inspiring and I shall always be one faithful follower! :)


  2. After writing a blog for a year this is the first post I’ve reblogged. Mainly because I didn’t just want to reblog any old stuff to get traffic to my site. However your post struck a chord with me and I could relate to it. Glad you never gave up. You seem to be doing well for yourself now and I hope your book sales are going well.


  3. It is just over a year that I started out on my blogging journey and I think you were among the first that found me. Thank you for that. My most recent post is reflecting back on what I have learnt over this past year as yours is reflecting back on your last three years. I wonder whether we want similar things-to connect with people, share our experiences of divine love, inspire people to build on hope and move forward. All the best to you for your fourth year on this blog. Happy New Year!


  4. Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder to do what you love. I’m starting grad school soon and am worried I will not have time to enjoy blogging but after reading this it gave me some new perspective and optimism.


  5. I can concur with this post. Thank you for putting it out there, and just know that you are not ever alone. Keep inspiring and keep on writing.


  6. Well said, Christian. I think this something a lot of people go through; I certainly have, but I’ve found comfort and drive in writing. It’s what keeps me striving for the future I want.


  7. Cristian, you have definitely found your calling in writing. I look forward to all of your blogs because I know they are inspiring and are often the words I need to hear at a particular time in my life. Thank you so much for your honesty, courage and vulnerability in putting yourself out there for all of us. Never give up!


  8. Perseverance is always a huge motivator for others especially when the narrative resonates! For me what is inspirational is that you managed to walk away from your story with this simple equation that has become your inspiration! Awesome!


  9. i know how it is, thanks for the post, i lost my health and thus my career, i’ve got a couple books for sale on amazon, but since i don’t know how to market, that’s the end of that… it’s all very disheartening, thanks for the cheer up


  10. At a moment when I wonder if I am truly doing the right thing for me and will anything ever come of it, I read this and am so inspired. Not usually one for self doubt this was a kick I needed. I thank you for this.


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