Who are you?

“We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do.” – Martha Grimes

Who are you? What defines you as a person? What qualities do you possess? But what about flaws? What do you want most in life? What are you afraid of the most?

If only it were so simple to answer those questions. A person is the sum total of all his experiences until the present moment. Experiences and reactions to those experiences. Not only the story, but the change that accompanied said story.

What I’m really trying to say is that we change. We become more and more what the world wants us to be, or we become more and more who we want to be. Either way, we change.

But I strenuously believe that we must set our own course, that we must aspire to be the kind of person we’d love to meet, even though it’s no easy task.

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6 comments on “Who are you?

  1. amcarthur91 says:

    very very true :)

  2. athling2001 says:

    Love this quote.

  3. Excellent questions! Most people have a hard time answering them, you’re absolutely correct. Change is inevitable and the only control we have is how we react to it. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf.” I have recently taken up surfing. :)

  4. yousser says:

    We have a transitory life and the frequent changes at each level of age , residence and environment provide us experiential life, maturity and resiliency. It does provide us force, tolerance and happiness to be in life.

  5. T.R. Sanders says:

    Outstanding! I am making deliberate choices these days to become the person I (think I) want to be. This post provides some welcome, motivating validation!

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