Four questions of value in life

Love. Even though some of you may not see it like this, is the solution to all of life’s questions. Of course, most people tend to forget the fact that love takes many forms. Passion, friendship, compassion…

Love is the secret ingredient to anything worthwhile.

Work with love and you’ll never be bored at your job. Be kind and gentle and loving with those around you, and you’ll never be alone.

Stuff like that. It’s quite simple.


9 comments on “Four questions of value in life

  1. Madie_H says:

    Compassion is key, particularly at the moment with everything going on in the world.

  2. Love is….wholehearted living x 4. Very nice short and sweet blog.

  3. scribedalais says:

    I believe every word!

  4. eileentekyi says:

    What film is this

  5. Love conquers All…it conquers grief, despair, sadness, anger, haughtiness, selfishness, hatred …etcetera .Thanks for sharing

  6. Salt Mint says:

    Simple but so right !

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