The “block”

It happens to all kinds of artists. Writers, painters, sculptors, actors, singers. And it’s painful. You don’t feel like doing anything, or you feel as if everything you do is crap. You’re the worst artist ever born. You feel like that’s it. You’re done.

But there’s only one thing you can do:

You fight it.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. The definition of a successful artist is that of a person who makes art on good days and on bad, who keeps on painting, drawing, writing, even when the entire world seems to conspire against them. But you keep on doing your thing, no matter what.

Don’t wait for it to pass, don’t do other stuff…

Fight it.

Sit down at your desk and wait until your fingers start punching those damn keys.

Pen in one hand, your mind aimlessly wandering on an entirely different plane of existence, you force yourself to come up with something.

Stare at a wall until you figure something out.

Even if it feels like crap, you keep at it. Because, odds are, it’s not. it’s just you, just your perception.

Fight it, damn it.

That is all.

The best works of art come from somewhere. A mystical land called “hard work.” They don’t magically appear.

That is all.


19 thoughts on “The “block”

  1. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for this post! I really needed that encouragement. After a long artistic break I have started up on photography again, and i have felt a creative block after putting my first weekend project up on my blog. But your post has encouraged me to stop thinking my work is crap and just keep working hard and learning from my mistakes and successes. Again, thanks for your words of inspiration :)

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  2. Amen brother. I have times when I don’t want to play guitar. Then I remember… That things not going to play it’s self. Then I get to work. Kinda like going to the gym. Just getting started is the hard part. Then you remember why you love it.


  3. A teacher I deeply admire once said, “the best way to spur creativity is to impose limits on yourself.” Sometimes it just takes choosing a topic or style and forcing words to flow, and suddenly the dam that stemmed the river of creativity is broken, and all that you had within your unaware heart comes bursting forth with such passionate intensity that your pen cannot keep pace.


  4. Love it. Thank you for the nice kick in the butt! I’ve been experiencing a block and have been avoiding writing and painting. I’m going to get busy on some things anyway. Again, great post!


  5. I tend not to get writer’s block but sometimes my well runs dry. But if I’m patient and do things that bring me inspiration, the words start to come back. I think writer’s block happens when we try to edit as we write instead of letting the words flow naturally and editing later.


  6. I’ve been going through that state for few weeks now. I cant seem to write again, and when i do, i feel it’s not good enough. Thank you for this piece, it might help me and anyone else who’s going through such a slump state


  7. It’s funny–I need to be writing, but can’t find the ideas. I keep telling myself ‘tomorrow, I’ll write.’ The day comes and goes with nary a word. Your the third or fourth post with this same encouragement. One of the ladies at my Rock Club meeting tonight asked me about my book. I talked to her for a few minutes and suddenly felt the urge to write. By the time I got home it was late and the interest faded. But tomorrow, I’ll write for sure. It seems everyone else wants me to!


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