Does Reading About Evil Make You Evil?


3 thoughts on “Does Reading About Evil Make You Evil?

  1. This this relative, subject to the minds reception and understanding. However , there are more feeble minded, full of emotion and easily swayed minds, to such this must be avoided. While some, see it as an opportunity to mete out evil, like vendetta…


  2. I’d say no. If somebody can’t understand the distinction between make-belief evil from a story and actual evil in reality then they have much bigger problems and reading is not one of them.

    This is no different from the studies that found that children are not becoming more violent from playing violent games. They perfectly well understand the distinction between game and reality, and those rare few that don’t have far deeper psychological problems that action out game violence is a symptom of, not a cause.


  3. I often wonder the same thing. Actually yesterday I spent time watching YouTube videos about Freddy Kruger. Needless to say I had a hard time sleeping that same night. I know not the same thing but whatever.
    I’m all seriousness though, sometimes I cant watch violent tv shows because I dont want them effecting the way I view violence. Of you have ever watched “the following” you may know what I mean.


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