The angel in the marble

angel“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

Don’t you love it when your mind imprisons a certain image? You have a certain vision, you know exactly where you want to go and what you have to do. An image that has to be set free.

This is one of the most crucial aspects of good art: vision. And heart. I’m not sure you can have one without the other.

Because, you see, good art is not about how much you want to become a great artist, about how bad you want to create something beautiful, but about how bad you want to translate the image that’s inside your head.

Good art is not about technique, rules, special skills, or some out-of-this-world abilities. Good art is all about faith and hope and vision. It’s about heart, about courage, about determination and perseverance.

Everything else it’s just there to make mediocre artists feel better about themselves. You know, the ones who just want to say something, the ones who want to be artists for all the wrong reasons.

Good art, whether it’s a song or a painting or a story, has to mean something to the artist. Because only so can it mean something to others too.

If you can imagine a better world, write about it. If you can’t, write about your world. Write about your reality, and write about the way you see it, and use the first words that come to your mind. Or paint it in the easiest way possible.

Art doesn’t have to be beautiful, doesn’t have to be unique, doesn’t have to be moral or immoral. Art doesn’t have to be perfect. Art just has to mean something.


10 comments on “The angel in the marble

  1. Love it. This is just what art should be.

  2. danaansyb says:

    I agree with every word ! That is how I feel about art

  3. Jamerly says:

    Loved the last line which ultimately seems like the purpose of this post. I love how art can be executed in so many different forms according to the way the individual feels and chooses to tell the world. It sometimes saddens me the way all forms of art are not appreciated by many like tattoos, graffiti, or education (in terms of the artistic ways in which young people think, instead of embracing their thoughts and beliefs they are usually shut down instead of being asked of their reasoning). Thank you for this poem and acknowledging not only what is executed, but the meaning behind it which is equally as important.

  4. gwapaab says:

    Yes, it’s really true, because art is within us not on other,, I agreed!

  5. “Art doesn’t have to be beautiful, doesn’t have to be unique, doesn’t have to be moral or immoral. Art doesn’t have to be perfect. Art just has to mean something.”

    can’t argue with that :D

  6. Helena says:

    One of my very favorite quotes! I long for the return to art as it once was represented and lauded –

  7. I like to think that my next story or novel is already located inside of a dictionary. All I have to do is pick out the right words. ;-)

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