Ever felt so out of balance that it seemed as if the entire universe was conspiring against you?
The idea is that you should try to live. No matter what. But how do we do that? Especially when one loses hope and faith and courage. When all one does is exist.
The important thing to remember is that we are here to fight the odds and beat them. Life’s a struggle because that’s the only way to learn, to grow, to evolve.
We become better by fighting against all that is trying to destroy us.
In the end, it’s entirely up to us. How we live, why…


9 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Yes of course. But so hard. Sometimes I wonder why cannot I ‘feel’ what I want to feel without anyone telling me that I shouldnt be feeling what I do feel? That would be denying my own emotions, not accepting them as my own. It is confusing at times. But yes, its totally true what you said.

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  2. Yes, I have felt that, in the past, when I love someone dear dramatically. Someone once said (I even think it is a line from a movie, but it stuck with me) that as human we are here to help each other, to make each others life a little bit easier. It rang so true to me! And I try to live by that…


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