In love and art…

All is fair in love and art. There are no rules, no principles. It’s just emotion. Raw, unfiltered, unedited.

It just is.


Well, not exactly.

Because, you see, the easiest goddamn thing you’ll ever do is love people when they’re absent.

It’s easy to wait for someone and miss them and dream and remember all the good parts.

It’s just as easy to spend most of your time dreaming about becoming a writer or an actor or a painter.

Imagine the best possible future. Imagine the best love story. The best you.

The most beautiful house.

The perfect vacation.

The happy ever after we think we’re entitled to.

And we dream and we dream and we dream and one day it’s too late.

It’s over.

And it makes you wonder what went wrong?

I mean…you were supposed to find the perfect lover, right? Have your happily ever after and lots of kids and stuff.

You were supposed to be happy, even though you were never sure if you had to find happiness or happiness had to find you.

You were supppsed to…

Life doesn’t work like that.

It’s hard loving people. When they’re right there, in front of us. Because it’s not about those great sacrifices, about dying for them…it’s about living, it’s about taking the right choices to ensure their happiness, it’s about small sacrifices and compromises and petty frustrations and arguments.

It’s about overcoming flaws, again and again and again.

It’s about hard work and patience and discipline.

Day after day after day.

That’s what love is all about.

Not about the perfect lover, but about creating the perfect love.

About being kind and thoughtful to them and to ourselves.

It’s not so much about emotions and feelings as it is about being smart enough to do what needs to be done even if you don’t want to, even if you don’t feel like it. Especially when you don’t feel like it.

The same is true for art.


15 thoughts on “In love and art…

  1. I love this post for It’s truth and of course because it was so pleasant to read.

    “It’s hard loving people when they’re right there”, that part reminded me of an Alex Clare number titled “Too Close”… They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    Dreaming of love is much easier than working on it… Making it work.

  2. Thank you so much for writing and sharing! I am guilty of dreaming too much and wondering why I’m not where I want to be yet, so then I dream some more… thinking and hoping and knowing that one day I’ll get there. But it isn’t so, as you described it so eloquently.

    Thank you for the last paragraph, and the line “Especially when you don’t feel like it”. I definitely needed to hear that. Great post!

  3. I find the strength of compassion is most important in your low moments in both aspects of art and love. To channel the expression of compassion through love and art is most difficult when you are angry but great things can come of it if you just practice to direct – if not harness – that wild galloping that pounds through your veins and can cause you to say or do terrible things that people can forgive but never forget. Great post!

  4. That was a really amazing post. I know that love has a lot hardships but still loving the person no matter what says a lot about your character. I was fortunate enough to meet my soul mate and though we fight a lot there’s no other person we’d rather be with that would make us as happy as we are now. Thank you for defining love how it really is.

  5. How enlightening and hope-filling that post is! Romantic love is hard to believe and entertain sometimes. Filial love is natural and warm. But showing compassion, which is love in action, takes sacrifice. A mother who stays late at night caring for a sick child, a father working abroad to feed his family, a child who gives up a distant job just to be with his aged parent and other great examples of compassion are ordinarily taken for granted. But they show pure intentions and manifestations of love, which, first and foremost, comes from above for God is love.

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