When the going gets tough

If you’ve been following this blog for a few months, you probably know that I’ve been struggling. Trying to obtain much needed funding for my projects and novels. But also trying to make ends meet. You know, there’s nothing romantic in wondering whether or not you’re going to eat the next day.

Yet I tried my best. I wrote and wrote, and I blogged.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I should give up. If I’m actually not good enough. But I’ve always liked inspiring people, no matter how I felt about myself or my life. The truth is, I really am a deeply unhappy person. I’m just trying to make everyone else feel better than I do. I’ve always done that.

I just want to do what I love… don’t know.

This website depends on you. My future depends on you. This blog… my career. Two and a half years of work…

I can’t even describe how frustrating all this has become. How impossible it all seems. It’s all going from bad to worse.

There’s really nothing else to say.

If you want to help me out, if you really do want that, you can contribute any amount you see fit via PayPal to to contact [at] cristianmihai [dot] net. Any amount matters. Any amount helps me immensely.

You can also purchase advertising here.

Also, anyone who donates $50 or more will be featured as sponsor for one month and will get a blog post reblogged.

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8 thoughts on “When the going gets tough

  1. Oh Christian, I don’t have a job but I would make a donation if I could. Your writing is inspirational. If I ever scratch up some excess I pledge it you. :)

  2. Hi fellow traveler. I have not written or posted in almost a year. I did not because my struggles push me to silence, to seeking, to searching, striving and believing every moment it gets worse, that it will get better. A lot of times, it is better even when it seems worse. Fellow traveler, we will make it, if only we can travel one more mile. The dawn will break and a new day will come. Keep the hope and trust, things will get better.

  3. Hello Cristian,

    It breaks my heart to hear of your struggle. Though I haven’t used my blog here in quite some time, I have been working consistently on the novel I am working on away from here. And for me, your writing and regular blog posts have been a constant and ongoing source of inspiration and help to me as a budding, up-and-coming writer. I have been meaning to donate to you for a while now, but my own money always found itself stretched elsewhere. But I believe it’s time I pay it forward.

    I hope this money finds you well, my friend. Take care of yourself and know your legion of readers are right at your heel to support you.


  4. Your expression is too beautiful to even think of killing it. I know God is testing you to your limits. But please hold on…… I pray that He helps you out of this unbearable time soon..

  5. It’s all too easy to give, the inspiration comes within the struggle. That moment when you feel at your lowest, when you’ve been pushed so far, that’s when you’ll get the encouragement to keep going. One day you will look back and realise that these moments do pass. There’s always a world of people out there feeling the same as you. I should know. Keep going, keep inspiring people with your writing. You can do it! Let the melancholy fuel your enthusiasm and when you need it, we are here to help you. Good luck x

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