“Change isn’t easy… changing the way you live means changing what you believe about life. That’s hard… When we make our own misery, we sometimes cling to it even when we want so bad to change because the misery is something we know. The misery is comfortable.”Dean Koontz

A lot has happened in the past year. Good and bad. I laughed, cried, got my heart broken. I thought things couldn’t get worse, then they did. Then I thought things couldn’t get any better, and… lo and behold, they did.

And I changed. As a person. I began to see myself in a different light. I began to see the world around me differently.

I realized how powerful my thoughts really were. I used to be this negative person, a pessimist. I used to think that I wasn’t much, that the world around me wasn’t much. I used to think that everyone was broken, that the world was mad; mad in its pursuit of happiness, mad in its desire to be loved, to acquire, to conquer.

And I wasn’t any different. I wasn’t any better.

I believe that we never realize that who we are as people, it’s because of others. We are who we are for others to accept us, like us, fall in love with us. We pretend to be someone we are not. Our actions don’t match our thoughts. Our words don’t match our actions.

And we do the same thing to others too. They tell us who they are, how they want to be treated, but we just want them to be who we want them to be. Or who we need them to be. Or who we’ve always imagined them to be.

Changing this is difficult. Changing yourself in order to act the way you want to is difficult. Changing who you are because you want to become the person you’ve always wanted to be is an almost impossible task.

Because we get trapped in the comfort zone. In this mind numbing routine. We do the same things over and over again. And we die one day at a time. We stop seeing beyond appearances, we stop facing things. We put ourselves on auto-drive. We put our lives on fast forward.

But stepping out of the comfort zone is what makes you alive. Truly. Doing what you’ve always been afraid of doing makes you grow as a person.

Life is not only meant to be lived. It’s also meant to be faced. With the good and the bad and all the scary stuff. And all the risks and the craziness and the randomness.

Change is sometimes painful. Change is sometimes hard. But, ultimately, change is inevitable. So instead of fighting it, we should dedicate our energy on shaping who we become.


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5 thoughts on “Change

  1. I believe you have found the secret. Life is about change. Life is change. Without change, we are dormant, unloving. Unfortunately, many people resist change and end up not living. I love your statement, “Life is not only meant to be lived. It’s also meant to be faced.” Bravo for that sentiment.

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