Karma. Destiny. Everything happens for a reason. What goes around comes back around.

Somewhere locked inside our souls there lies a hatred of two primordial elements of life: uncertainty and injustice.

We all taste them, from time to time.

We try to create order out of chaos. The Universe is chaos. Pure. Impossible to control or predict.

Yet we study laws, patterns, forces…

We believe in stars, gods, angels, destiny…

I was born on Christmas Day at 16:00. Astrology says I’m a Capricorn with rising Cancer. It’s supposed to mean something. It’s supposed to tell others about my personality.

My highschool History teacher once told me that those born on Christmas must know everything; it was my destiny to be some sort of human encyclopedia.

The Chinese have a different opinion about who and how I am.

Different worlds, different implications. Same event.

I tell people I’m a writer, they suppose certain things.

We want to create order out of chaos. We want to know people in the shortest amount of time.

But life doesn’t make any sense.

Sometimes stuff happens and you ask yourself why. Why me? Why now?

What now?

And you can put the blame on heaven, hell, or other people.

Angry, you’ll say it’s not fair. It’s not right.

The Universe is out of balance. Something went wrong.

It’s like a bad joke. No one’s laughing.

It’s not fair…

It never is.

Our destiny is not written in the stars, but in ourselves.

This is not about religion. About being godless or whatever.

This is about choice. About responsibility.

God told us not to eat that damn apple, yet we did it anyway.

We have the choice. We always had. Always will.

And fate is simply comprised of the choices we don’t understand.

Ever thought about someone that they deserved their fate?

Yeah, well we all deserve our fates.

We only have what we fought to get. We are where we are because of our thoughts, words, and actions.

A man’s destiny is the sum total of a billion little decisions.

This is karma.

Whatever happened, happened, and even though it could have happened in a million different ways, it didn’t.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived looking forward.

Any journey, no matter how long, can be completed by simply putting one foot in front of the other. A book can only be written by putting one word after another.

Life goes on. Whether we want to or not. Whether we understand it or not.

We win, we lose, we learn.

What goes around comes back around.


9 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Uncertainty is the price we pay for not being omniscient and one man’s justice always has the potential of being injustice for someone else. Sometimes it feels like we are merely two-year old tots, in our car seats, strapped into the back seat of a celestial SUV. All we can do is enjoy the ride while hoping that the driver actually knows what she’s doing.


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