The labyrinth


The labyrinth is a web of corridors going nowhere. A structure so elaborate it inspires fear and chaos in the minds of those trapped.

The labyrinth is, also, indifferent. It exists. What happens inside is ruled by different forces.

There must be a way out. A secret passage. A shortcut.

Those who ask why will get only one answer.

Why not?

This labyrinth has no sense of humor, even though many of its captives will laugh through clenched teeth, trying to free themselves from the rage.

Desolation. Fear. Anger. Darkness.


It’s so quiet inside this maze that the only noise is created by your mind, by your eager heartbeats, by your footsteps.

You are alone.

Utterly and inconsolably so.

The rules that were used to build this maze cannot be used against it.

In a way, there are no rules.

Trying to break down the walls in an attempt to find an exit will end in tears.

There is no exit. No way out.

The labyrinth exists solely for the purpose of being understood. So those trapped within its walls to understand themselves.

Its corridors take you everywhere and nowhere, depending on what you choose to believe.

Some prisoners are in a hurry, others are strolling.

Those who’ll wish to go back, will get lost. They’ll lose their minds trying to recreate what was and can no longer be.

Very few see the labyrinth as it truly is. A mirror. A reflexion of what lies within their own hearts. They use this mirror to enjoy themselves.

To enjoy the silence. The darkness. The strips of light that hit the walls from time to time.

This labyrinth…we all have to go through it. Whether we want to or not.

Because this labyrinth is…life.


12 thoughts on “The labyrinth

  1. I’m left in shock with this one —“This Labyrinth is…life.”and with your choice of words, dark and sinister, it revealed quite a profound understanding of our human nature. This opened my mind as to what our life is about: the struggles we face daily, the short yet happy memories we have, our hidden desires in life that continues to haunt us until we reached a point of complacency, and etc—are in fact the walls of the labyrinth that we constantly build—reflecting our standards, ambitions, and expectations in life. This labyrinth is a mirror indeed of who we are and we must overcome it. Thank you so much for this article. I enjoyed every word and thought you have expressed.

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  2. I loved this. I felt like I was holding my breath whilst reading it for some reason, but it’s very well written. Not sure if it was intentional but the word ‘reflection’ was written incorrectly towards the end? Either way. Love it.


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